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How to leverage Youtube Influencers for Lifestyle? Top tips for lifestyle brands

How to leverage Youtube Influencers for Lifestyle? Top tips for lifestyle brands

Tejal Surve 17-09-2021

Influencers and content creators are present on every social media platform. People love the content they make and share it with others who may like it too. These social media influencers have a large community of followers who may base their purchasing decisions on the reviews given by the influencers. Youtube influencers are some of the most popular crowd of influencers.

Many brands that use social media marketing also know the power of influencer marketing and hence 57% of beauty and lifestyle brands use influencer marketing as a part of their overall marketing strategy (source: exchange4media).

While influencer marketing is not limited to any one social media platform, certain niches thrive more on certain platforms. This is also where you will also find the influencers related to that niche. Understanding the platform and its audience is vital to ensure that your marketing efforts do not go in vain.

In this blog, we will be discussing influencer marketing on Youtube and how lifestyle brands can leverage it.

Who are Youtube influencers?

Youtube influencers, also known as Youtubers, are popular content creators on Youtube with a large community of followers who trust them and their content on the channel. There are Youtubers that post content from different fields like gaming, cooking, lifestyle, travel, etc.

Brands and businesses from different industries would often collaborate with influencers on Youtube to endorse their product among the Youtube audiences. These influencers have a large audience on Youtube (often much larger than many popular brands). Because of this, it is more convenient for brands to collaborate with these influencers to promote their products, services, or the brand itself.

Apart from being on Youtube, these influencers often also use other social media channels to reach their audiences outside Youtube so brands can choose the channels where they want to promote their products.

Why are Youtube influencers important?

As mentioned earlier, Youtube influencers often have more followers than many popular brands. Collaborating with them means that your products will be able to reach a larger audience. Businesses and brands that want to tap into this potential must work with the influencers closely to bring interesting and genuine content for their audiences.

People may find it hard to believe brands as much as they would believe an influencer. This is why they often trust a brand’s review given by the influencer rather than the reviews that the brands post on the social channel. This is especially true when it comes to beauty and lifestyle brands.

So, here is how Youtube influencers can be helpful for your brand promotions on the platform.

  • Influencers on Youtube give their audiences a hands-on review of the product.
  • Since their content format is video, the engagement on the content is also high.
  • Youtube is the second most visited website and second-most used social media platform.
  • The platform also has a very diverse viewer base in terms of age groups so no matter which age group your target audience falls in, chances are they use Youtube.
  • Youtube is also a go-to platform for “How-to” video tutorials that can be some of the best brand promotion content on the platform.

Whether yours is a beauty brand or simply a fitness brand, chances are, popular influencers from your industry have already created a sizable amount of regular viewers. These followers trust the Youtuber for their content and reviews. So, when they recommend a brand or a product, their audience is more likely to buy it from the brand.

How do lifestyle brands get desired results from Youtube influencer marketing campaigns?

Find youtube influencers from your niche

Collaborating with influencers that are not from your niche is like selling a sweater to people during summers. You will not reach your target audience. Hence, it is important to connect and collaborate with the right influencer on Youtube.

Find out which Youtubers are popular from your niche and research their audience and their content. You need to ensure that the content style matches your brand and that their audience matches your targeted audience.

Once you have a good list of Youtubers from your niche, you can start contacting them for collaboration. Most Youtubers would use an email to connect with you, so make sure that you draft a good email pitching your collaboration.

Build & nurture relationships with influencers

Youtube influencers are known for their easy engagement with their audience and their genuine reviews of the products or brands that they use. However, even for them to create good engaging content around your brand product, they must know about it well.

It is important for brands to connect with the influencer before they start the campaign so that they get enough time to understand your brand and product. That way they will be able to highlight your products better and more naturally in front of their audience.

Give them the creative freedom

The main reason for working with influencers is that they have a large following of people who trust them. It is important that you give them the creative freedom for their storytelling. This will ensure that your product is naturally weaved in rather than sounding like a forced promotion.

This way, the content that they create around your product will be more believable for the audience and will also help increase their trust in your brand.

Align your promotions with your goals

Be very clear about your influencer marketing campaign goals. What is it that you want to achieve from the campaign? It could be website visits, product sales, increase channel/email subscribers, etc.

Make sure that the influencer you collaborate with is aware of your goals and call-to-actions so that they can create their content and place your product in front of their audience accordingly.

Furthermore, you can also offer additional offers to the audience you receive from the Youtuber’s reference. It not only shows that the influencer trusts you but also allows you to easily track the traffic that comes from the influencer.

Measure your promotion campaign

A Youtube marketing campaign is only considered successful when it gets you the results that you desired. Hence, it is important that your team follows through with the campaign to ensure its success. Measure important KPIs and see if they are giving you the results you desire.

For example, if your main purpose for the campaign is to increase website traffic and awareness, then you can add a landing page specifically for the audience that visits your website on the Youtuber’s reference. You can also offer a discount for the visitors visiting you from the Youtuber. That way more people will start watching the Youtuber and more people will visit your website. It is a win-win for both!


How much do brands pay Youtube influencers?

It depends on who you are collaborating with. If the Youtuber has a high number of followers, say above 1 million, then they may charge you higher than someone who has 30-50K followers on their Youtube channel.

That being said, you need to choose the right influencer for your brand. Pay attention to their niche and their engagement on the account. Once you find the influencers from your industry, you can connect with Youtubers with a good following and engagement.

How do influencers influence the beauty industry?

People turn to beauty influencers for new makeup & beauty trends. These influencers are also the source of reviews for when users choose to buy new beauty products. Hence influencer marketing has become an inseparable part of any beauty brand’s marketing strategy. It helps them grow and connect with their consumers on another level.


Lifestyle brands are those that sell not just a product but a way of life that their consumers desire or are used to. With the help of Youtube influencers, these brands can connect more deeply with their target audiences.

Influencer marketing on Youtube is set to further rise with the increase in the influencer marketing budget of several brands. Make influencers a part of your robust digital marketing strategy to achieve your marketing goals.

Have you collaborated with an influencer yet? What was your experience? Let us know in the comment section and if you find the blog useful, consider sharing it with your peers.

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