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Why is Digital Marketing Necessary for Healthcare Facilities?

Why is Digital Marketing Necessary for Healthcare Facilities?

Admin 23-04-2021

Digital marketing has now become a primary way of promoting any business or brand among the customers. Big and small businesses among various industries have an online presence to make sure that they reach their customers across the globe.

That being said, many industries still need a push in their efforts for digital marketing in India. The healthcare industry is one such industry that has still to utilize the complete power of digital marketing practices.

The healthcare industry cannot use their customer information to reach their users in the way other businesses may do because of the heavy regulations and rules regarding patient privacy. However, that does not mean that healthcare facilities cannot use digital marketing to further their business.

With the right plan and strategies, healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes can attract prospective consumers using digital marketing.

Before we get to the core of it, let’s first understand why healthcare facilities cannot keep depending on the traditional advertising methods like television advertisements or print ads.

Why is digital marketing necessary for healthcare facilities?

A study suggests that a significant 5% of the total searches happening on Google are related to health. It could be about understanding an illness, finding the nearby clinic, or researching the prescribed medication.

This shows that a majority of people will consult the online community before finding a hospital or a medical professional to go to. When they do so, you need to be present there to pull them to your facility before your competitors.

Good digital marketing helps in creating a strong presence of your healthcare facility (hospital or otherwise) on different online platforms including search engines and social media websites.

Having a strong online presence also helps in improving your online reputation among your audience which eventually translates into improving your offline reputation. With the right digital marketing strategies, you can also establish yourself as the leader in your field.

All of this increases the trust that your audience has in you. And when they trust you more, they will eventually start to visit your healthcare facility and also recommend it to others. This brings us to the next point.

Digital marketing helps in spreading the word further as compared to the traditional way of advertising. Even now, many people depend on the recommendations of a close relative or friend to choose their doctor or hospital.

With digital marketing, you can ask your consumers and patients to leave a review on Google or other listing sites where people can read the reviews and get in touch with you.

With that said, let us see how you can leverage digital marketing practices to boost your healthcare business.

Having a dynamic responsive website

A website acts as your hospital’s virtual infrastructure. It is a place where your patients and prospects can find all the information related to your hospital or any other healthcare facility.

Having a dynamic and responsive website will allow your consumers to access your website from any device, whether it is a desktop or a smartphone. Your website can have all the necessary information about your hospital and any other related information as well so that the patients do not have to go anywhere else to find the related information. They will get all the required details from your website only.

Write all the content on your website with SEO best practices in mind. Search for the keywords, terms, and phrases that your prospective consumers may use on the search engine to find your healthcare facility.

Make sure that the content on your website is relevant to these terms. With similar other SEO practices, you can ensure that your website is visible in the top 10 search results.

Add a blog page to your website where you can post helpful information about your field. Write the blogs on topics that your consumers are talking about in your industry. Remember to make them information-rich so that your patients and consumers will know that you are giving our valuable information to help them and not for any financial gain.

This will eventually make them trust you more and they will choose your facility whenever they need medical help.

Create a Google My Business Page

Think of getting your healthcare facility listed on Google. Creating a Google my business profile helps you to reach your local consumers faster. It gives your prospects and patients all the necessary information about your business from the search engine result page itself.

This information includes your location, contact details, working hours, questions and answers, event information, and any other posts you may want to share with your audiences.

Your Google Business profile also offers your consumers to leave a review of your healthcare facility. These reviews help other consumers to make an informed decision. You can also ask your consumers who have taken your service to leave a review and ratings on Google. This will help to increase your reputation and trust among your consumers and prospects.

A Google My Business Page is excellent to improve your local SEO. So make sure that you fill in all the details on your profile along with good photos and images. Information like contact details (phone number or messaging) can help your consumers to connect with your healthcare facility directly from the Google search engine result page.

Moreover, with increasing searches like “hospital near me”, there are higher chances of your Google profile showing up on the first page even if your website does not show up.

Join social media platforms

As of  2021, as many as 3.96 billion people use social media across the world. If that doesn’t compel you to bring your healthcare facility’s page on social media, that nothing else can.

Social media has become a huge part of people’s lives. People believe and trust their relatives, friends, and others on social media. Moreover, they also tend to search for a business on social media before visiting it in the real world.

Social media is a platform to engage with your consumers and prospects. It is also a way with which you can increase your hospital’s reputation among your consumers. About 54% of customers on social media use it for customer service as compared to calling or emailing.

It is this way of engaging with your customers that increases your reputation on social media platforms. When your reputation increases, the trust your consumers have in your hospital will also increase and that will translate into more consumers choosing your healthcare facility when they have any ailment.

Choose the social media platform according to the number of your consumers using it. For example, if you find out that more number of your target audience is present on Facebook, then it is wise to create a Facebook business page. Knowing your consumers is the first step to any kind of marketing.

If you are present on more than one social media platform, then using social media management software can help you take care of all your social media accounts from a single platform.

Connect with your customers using WhatsApp

WhatsApp marketing is a great way to offer excellent services to your consumers. It allows you to send and receive communication from your patients and their relatives directly through WhatsApp messenger.

With the Messenger subscription API, you can directly send important communication to your patients from your computer. This communication may include, appointment details, reminders, payment details, receipts, book appointments, and many more.

A study suggests that around 60% of patients prefer to be reminded about their appointments on their phone via message or alert. And WhatsApp marketing truly helps with that. With the Messenger chatbot services, you can automate most of your communication on WhatsApp or any other smart messaging application. It can communicate with your consumers without any additional human interface.

The tactics of WhatsApp marketing can also be used with other messaging applications like Viber, Telegram, Line, and similar others.

Consider PPC advertising

Advertising on online digital platforms is cheaper and wide-reaching as compared to the traditional ways of advertising. You can advertise on digital platforms in different ways. This includes advertising on the search engine result page, display advertisements within websites and blogs, and social media advertisements.

You can choose where you want to run advertisements. Unlike the other mediums, advertising on any platform will need you to spend money (known as ad spend).

Ad spend on online ads is much lesser than traditional ads. The ads that you run on digital marketing platforms can be targeted using various options that make them more relevant to the audience who watches them.

For example, if you are running Facebook ads, you can target your ads based on location, age, gender, occupation, marital status, and even interests.

These metrics make your ad reach only those people who will be benefitted from your ads and may take an action. The highly targeted online digital PPC ad campaigns are more effective than any form of traditional advertising.

Hire a digital marketing agency

A digital marketing agency will take care of all the above practices while making sure that you get the result that you desire within your budget.

The digital marketing professionals will assist you in creating and setting up your online presence along with many other things.

Here what you can expect from the best digital marketing agency:

                  1. Setting up and managing your social media profiles.

                  2. Creating a Google Business page and managing it efficiently.

                  3. Making high-quality creatives for social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube.

                  4. Helping you set up messenger marketing and chatbot for faster services. 

                  5. Managing your PPC campaigns to reach your desired marketing goals. 

                  6. Maintaining your website and blog to keep it up-to-date with the latest trends.

                  7. Regular updates on marketing goal achievements. 

                  8. And so much more...

The experts at digital marketing will help your hospital to gain a higher reputation online and establish you as an industry leader with their digital marketing solutions. It is a great way to make sure that your healthcare facility has a strong presence online without having to spend too much time maintaining it.


How to target healthcare professionals?

The best way to target healthcare professionals is to engage with them on the same platforms. You will find healthcare professionals ready to engage with each other professionally on sites like LinkedIn and WebMD.

What are the target markets for hospitals?

Patients, relatives, healthcare professionals, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. are some of the target markets for hospitals.


The medical and healthcare industry is also one of the industries that need good digital marketing to reach their potential consumers. With the right online marketing strategies, your healthcare facility will receive more patients and consumers.

The main reason why healthcare facilities need digital marketing is that people now research any facility online before deciding to purchase their services. This also includes a medical healthcare facility.

To make sure that these customers choose your facility over your competitors, you need to not just have a presence online but also have an active engagement with the users so that your online reputation increases.

A digital marketing agency can help you gain that and more with their expertise in the area. If you are yet to decide on whether you should hire a digital marketing professional or not, you can try the digital marketing services for free before making any commitment.

Let us know your thoughts on today’s blog in the comments section below. Be sure to share with anyone whom you think may find it helpful.

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