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How WhatsApp Marketing will be Useful for Hospitality Business

How WhatsApp Marketing will be Useful for Hospitality Business

Admin 07-11-2020

When was the last time you went on a vacation? If the current situation is anything to go by, it must have been a long time before. However, many people are planning to go on a long vacation once everything goes back to normal. And so the hospitality business will once again start booming.

Hospitality is a multi-million dollar business. It is a business composite of smaller segments that include food & beverages, lodging, travel, tourism, and recreation.

Statistics show that around 80% of Instagram users follow at least one hospitality business. That means that the hospitality business has larger chances of interaction with their consumers online on social media platforms.

However, with changing times the need for faster service has increased. Consumers are not interested in only what you deliver but also in how you deliver it. This is why messaging platforms like WhatsApp and other messaging applications are becoming popular among businesses as a medium to market their product and services.

In this blog today, we are going to find out how WhatsApp can be of use for the hospitality sector.

Benefits of Messenger API in Hospitality Business

There are various ways that Messenger API can be useful for a hospitality business. The owner just has to be innovative with its uses to give his/her consumers better service.

To start things, we have compiled some areas where WhatsApp API will allow you to provide faster and richer services to your clients.

Availability and Reservation

People want to plan their holidays ahead of time, and that means that they will be booking their stay in your hotel days before they actually arrive there. This is usually done using hotel websites or hotel booking portal websites.

However, with Messenger API, consumers can directly inquire about the availability of rooms and book their stay from their WhatsApp application. The hotel staff or a chatbot can provide them with suite details and pricing and accordingly, the consumers can choose the suite that they want and book it right then without exiting the application.

Similarly, in hotels, restaurants, and cafes, consumers can check table availability or reserve a table right from their WhatsApp without having to search for a number from their phonebook, call the restaurant, and ask for a table.

In the travel and tourism industry, Messenger API will be helpful for consumers to check the availability of flights, trains, and buses traveling towards any destination. Along with that, they can book their tickets directly from the airlines, railways, or other travel agency without the need of having a middle man.

Order taking and Confirmation

Restaurants and cafes that send out deliveries can use WhatsApp or any of their preferred messaging application to take orders from their consumers and send out confirmation messages to let the customers know that their food order has been confirmed.

Travel and tourism industries can send out booking confirmations to their consumers along with the itinerary details required for the consumer. Along with that, they can also allow their consumers to choose any additional services or packages without exiting the chat.

For customers that are booking their hotel stays can receive the confirmation status of their suites right in their chats.

Tracking and Delivery status

With Messenger API, business owners in the hospitality industry can allow their clients and consumers to track their orders and check the delivery status of their orders using WhatsApp or any other messaging application.

When at a new place, consumers can use their WhatsApp to track the bus or other transport vehicles that they have booked from your agency. Apart from that, you can also provide complete detail of where the vehicle is going to take stops, at what time they will be returning, and any other travel-related details.

Moreover, tourism agencies can use Messenger API to share a detailed information document on the places that the consumers are going to visit instead of giving them a physical brochure.

Payments and Feedback

Using the payment gateway integration, your consumers can also use WhatsApp to pay for their food, stay, travel, or tour. You can send a digital copy of the bill or receipts to your consumers to go paperless.

Businesses can use this interaction to ask small feedback from their consumers. This not only allows you to know where you need to improve but also allows you to understand the consumer’s demand which can be useful to further grow your business.

Apart from all of these, you can regularly use WhatsApp to provide discounts, send survey forms, birthday and anniversary greetings, etc.


WhatsApp is a globally popular messaging application with more than 2 billion users around the world. Its sheer popularity makes it the most ideal platform to market your products and services to your consumers while also providing them exceptional customer service.

It is really easy to start using WhatsApp for your business, simply integrate Messenger API to your CRM and start sending template messages without any set-up cost.

You can start using Messenger API right now with a free demo to understand how it works. Further on, you can simply subscribe to it with minimum monthly or yearly rates.

Do you think using WhatsApp in the hospitality business will bring more growth? How do you plan to incorporate WhatsApp into your business?

Tell us in the comments section below and be sure to check out our other blogs as well.


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