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WhatsApp Marketing API for Educational Sector: What are its benefits?

WhatsApp Marketing API for Educational Sector: What are its benefits?

Admin 03-11-2020

In the past few years, there is one question one will definitely ask if they want to connect with you, personally or professionally, “Is this your WhatsApp number.” We bet a lot of you may have been asked a similar question many times. That’s the popularity of WhatsApp.

This messaging application was originally built to stay connected with your loved ones without the limitations of normal messaging. It allows you to send a text using the internet along with other media like images, videos, voice notes, and documents.

Because of its astounding popularity, businesses have realized its potential to reach a customer. And that is why WhatsApp Business app and API is slowly becoming popular among small and large businesses.

WhatsApp API is so flexible that it can be useful in different areas of our society to make communication faster, smoother, and richer. Did you know that the API can be a powerful tool to bridge the gap between educational institutions and parents or students? It can be a very easy and fast medium for the educational sector.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how WhatsApp API can be used to communicate faster within the educational sector.

Benefits of WhatsApp API for the education sector

There are many ways that WhatsApp can be a useful application for schools and other educational institutions. The flexibility of WhatsApp can also allow schools to send not just texts and multimedia but also let them make voice and video calls.

Updates on school enrollment

The admission process of schools is lengthy and tiring. However, with online admissions, students whose admission is confirmed can be notified using WhatsApp API.

While filling the online admission form, the student or parent provides their number to the school where the school can send enrollment updates. Using the WhatsApp API, schools can send their admission status according to the enrollment rounds to the students or parents.

They can notify if the candidate has cleared the first round of admissions and provide details on the next step like the date, time, and venue. Previously, for such short details, schools either had to make calls individually or put up a notice on their official website where the chances of students missing out were also more.

With WhatsApp, since students will be getting the notification on their smartphones, they are bound to check it. Moreover, schools don’t have to make individual calls to each student. The admin can simply draft a message and send it to all the students who are required to visit.

Fees Reminder

There are times when a younger student’s parents may forget to pay the fees due to their busy schedules. Or a student may forget to pay their own fees. In such cases, the school or college usually makes a phone call or asks the student to visit the admin office for a reminder.

However, with WhatsApp API, the school admin can directly send the fee reminder to the registered mobile number. A pre-drafted message is all you need to send the fee reminder to anyone in the future. You can choose to put a link to your payment gateway in the message to let the student or parent pay the school fees online.

That is the beauty of WhatsApp you can send images, videos, documents, and even links in the message to allow ease of access.

Notifications of holidays and events

Many times there are unplanned holidays that the school needs to observe, whether they are state-declared or any emergency-induced holidays. Schools or other educational institutes will usually put such notices on the school website.

However, many times, the students or parents are not able to check the school website in time and so they find out about the notice after making a trip to school and back.

To avoid such incidents, schools can notify parents or students on their phones using the WhatsApp API. The notification will not be missed since they don’t have to visit any website for this.

Similarly, the schools can also use WhatsApp API to notify students, teachers, and parents about any upcoming school event and share their details to their WhatsApp.

Student progress updates

Parents put in so many efforts to give their children the best education they can. Naturally, they wish to know how their child is doing in school, what are his/her strengths and weaknesses, etc. This information, especially during the first few years allows parents to know where their child is more inclined, what areas interest him/her the most.

Previously, parents had to wait for the meeting day with the teachers to know the details of their child’s academics and other activities at school. But with WhatsApp API, the school can send a detailed report of every child’s progress to their parents by simply drafting a message and attaching a document of student progress with the message.

The parents will get regular reports on their children’s progress so that they will understand where their children have to put more effort and subsequently guide their child to do so.

Library books reminders

Students, especially the ones getting higher education, need to frequently visit the library to research their project topics. And many times, they end up borrowing the books to study for a longer period.

School or university libraries can use WhatsApp API to send a return due-date reminder so that the students can return the books on time and avoid the late fee.

Apart from these, schools and educational institutions can also use WhatsApp API to send birthday greetings to students and teachers. They can use it to notify teachers and students about any sudden change in schedule or school timetable.

As an administrator of an educational institution, you can be innovative and explore WhatsApp API to solve different communication problems in your institution.


WhatsApp is one of the most used communication applications in the world. This means most of the people who use a smartphone use WhatsApp as well. And so it makes up to be an ideal platform for different businesses and institutions to connect with their clients and customers.

The education sector has many areas where WhatsApp API can be helpful. It will make the communication faster, richer, and more personalized for the institutes as well as their clients, in this case, the students and parents.

The WhatsApp API can be easily integrated with the school management system so that you can use both the services together in the most efficient way. The fast and robust services will help you to increase the productivity of your institution with decreased time and effort.

Does your educational institute use WhatsApp API? If not, check out this one which allows you to send template messages without any additional charges. One standard monthly or yearly subscription fee provides you all the features that you will need and more.

How else do you think WhatsApp API can be helpful to your institution? Let us know in the comments below.


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