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WhatsApp Marketing: A Smart Choice to Boost Your Business

WhatsApp Marketing: A Smart Choice to Boost Your Business

Admin 30-10-2020

If we were to ask you, which is your preferred messaging application, will your answer be WhatsApp? If yes, then you too are among the 2 billion people worldwide who use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging application that allows its users to send and receive text and audio/visual messages with a dozen other helpful features. It uses the internet to send and receive messages so that the users don’t have to pay any extra charges for sending messages to anywhere in the world.

To let you know the impact of WhatsApp, here are some mindboggling statistics regarding the application.

·       More than 2 billion active users.

·       Over 340 million users are from India alone.

·       More than 5 million businesses use WhatsApp to reach their customers.

·       More than 500 million people use WhatsApp daily as of 2019.

·       In the first quarter of 2020, WhatsApp has been downloaded more than 95 million times worldwide.

(Courtesy: StatistaOberlo)

These stats suggest that WhatsApp is the fastest growing medium to reach a large number of consumers around the world. So, it is safe to say that, WhatsApp is the perfect platform to promote your products or services.

However, you cannot do it with the regular WhatsApp application. For businesses, WhatsApp has a separate application, WhatsApp Business. This is the application specifically made for promoting business.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Connecting with your customers using the ease of WhatsApp to promote your products and services is WhatsApp marketing.

It is a fast and steadily popularizing method of marketing different services and products to a comparatively large audience.

With its profound reach, WhatsApp allows businesses to easily communicate with their consumers all around the world by paying a certain cost. It offers two options for businesses, WhatsApp Business application for small businesses and WhatsApp Business API for medium and large businesses.

WhatsApp Business application is easier to set-up with a new sim and a smartphone. It allows businesses to send a select few quick responses and broadcast messages to up to 256 contacts. The user is free to send any content to its receivers using the business app. But that is not the case with WhatsApp Business API. It does not allow any promotional content to be sent to the users.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is a program made for medium to large business enterprises to let them connect seamlessly with their clients and consumers on using the huge platform WhatsApp has created.

However, managing communication on WhatsApp Business API is a long procedure.

There are two types of messages that brands can create using the API.

·       Template message – The initial communication that will go to the consumers from the brand is a template message. WhatsApp Business API first approves the message before pushing it to the consumer’s device.

·       Session message – Messages sent in response to a consumer’s initial communication is a session message. The API allows businesses to send free session messages to the consumer within the time of 24-hours after which it becomes a template message. This is made so that businesses can give faster responses to their consumers.

Every template message first goes for approval which takes about 10-15 days. Only after the message is approved by WhatsApp will it reach the consumers. WhatsApp charges $0.0042 for every template set-up apart from the standard subscription fees of using the WhatsApp Business API.

Alternatives to WhatsApp Business API

Looking at the complete process of using WhatsApp Business API, you will agree to the fact that it is very tedious and time-consuming. However, there are always options available.

Choosing the right WhatsApp API is important. As a business owner, you need to be able to stay in contact with your consumers within an affordable price range.

The WhatsApp API allows its users to send template messages with quick approval and does not charge you even a penny above the standard package price.

Moreover, it can be used by any business from the public or private sector. With the lowest prices, you will be able to offer a vast array of services to your customers over WhatsApp.

So, if you are looking to get your business on WhatsApp, be sure to check it out.


WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging application in the world with more than 2 billion users globally. With this massive reach, WhatsApp has become an ideal platform to reach that many numbers of consumers all across the world.

WhatsApp offers WhatsApp Business application and API for small and medium to large businesses, respectively. However, both come with certain limitations for the consumers.

As an alternative, WhatsApp Marketing API/Ebulk Marketing allows you to send numerous messages to your consumers with limited restrictions. With one monthly or yearly payment, you can start your WhatsApp marketing right away. To get more details, send an inquiry now.


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