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What is Clubhouse? Is it worth adding to your social media marketing arsenal?

What is Clubhouse? Is it worth adding to your social media marketing arsenal?

Admin 19-03-2021

In the April of 2020, entrepreneur Paul Davidson and Memry Labs founder Rohan Seth together released an exclusive audio-based social media application for iPhone users. That application is Clubhouse.

Since then, Clubhouse has gathered a whopping 10 million user-base in just about a year. What makes this number more astonishing is the fact that the app is currently invite-only. Users cannot simply download it and start using it.

The application gained sudden popularity after Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk interviewed Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev with 5000 listeners only on the Clubhouse app. This interview was also streamed live on Youtube by one of the listeners present in that Clubhouse room.

The interview played a huge role in increasing the number of Clubhouse users despite its invite-only strategy.

But what is the hype about the Clubhouse app? Is it really worth it?

You will know when you read the blog.

What is Clubhouse?

As mentioned earlier, Clubhouse is an invite-only, audio-based social media platform. It offers its users to choose the topics of their interests and listen to the ongoing talks related to those topics.

The users can choose to join one of the Clubhouse rooms to listen to the conversation taking place in that room. If they want, they can virtually “Raise a hand” to join the conversation if the moderator approves of it and when they want to leave, they can choose to “Leave quietly”.

Users can also create their own Clubhouse rooms to converse with their friends. It offers a “Closed room” feature that allows you to add a select few members with whom you want to talk.

The conversation is not recorded, Hence, once the conversation or talk is finished, you cannot access it. This means that you have to join the room when the conversation or talk is ongoing. The audio of every Clubhouse conversation is similar to that of a phone conversation mostly because the users are using their iPhones and not elaborate mic setup to speak. So it will sound like you are listening to a telephonic conference call.

Clubhouse allows its existing users to send only two invites initially so that they do not spam the application. Say if you have a friend who already uses the application, then he/she can send you an invite link via a message on your phone number with a link to set up your clubhouse account.

If you do not have anyone who already uses Clubhouse, you can still download the app, register your number, and wait for the invite.

That being said, there are plenty of benefits for brands in it as well.

Where do brands come in the equation?

It may seem like since the platform is relatively new, there would be only singular users using it to connect with the people. But contrary to that, there are many brands that have already accessed the platform.

For example, Economic Times reported that the Restaurant Brands Internation (RBI) recently hosted an event on Clubhouse by creating their own room. Here they invited the top executives of International food brands like Popeyes and Burger King to share their quarterly financial report.

Brands and businesses are joining Clubhouse in various ways to try and capitalize on the large user-base.

Clubhouse Creator First Program

After the initial success of the social audio application, the company looks forward to giving creators a stage for their content. TechCrunch reported that the popular drop-in audio application is launching its Clubhouse Creator First program where it will provide all the required tools and information to help creators and partner them up with guests to create quality content for the application.

The company will boost 20 creators and give them all the relevant training along with tools like iPhone and AirPods. It has already started taking applications for the Clubhouse Creator First program. As reported, the application process will be closed on March 31, 2021.

Clubhouse Room Sponsoring

Much like an audio podcast or a radio show, conversation sponsoring is also a thing for creators in the Clubhouse application. The brands would sponsor a Clubhouse room or a talk to try and capitalize the listeners of the conversation.

A few brands have already started sponsoring creators and Clubhouse rooms. This step has also opened up many possibilities for the brands to create their presence on the latest drop-in audio application.

Platform for networking

The drop-in audio application, Clubhouse is still a place where hard marketing may not be welcome yet. So, if a brand wants to directly go in, it would be wise if only information speeches and talks are delivered.

This way the audience there may come to you in search of some valuable content from your industry or even from your business. The new generation would rather listen to your business and how it is operating than the advertisements.

So, if and when you start using the Clubhouse application, focus more on building your network and engagement. The platform has huge potential for that. And be sure to link your Instagram and Twitter with the application so that audiences who have found you on Clubhouse can engage with you or your brand on Twitter and Instagram.


The live virtual audio talk show-like format of Clubhouse allows its users to propagate their ideas and beliefs with the listeners. This can offer a great space for brands to engage with their customers.

However, the audience on Clubhouse is still not as accepting of hard-promotion as it is on other social media platforms. Much like any other social media platform, advertising may be almost the last priority of Clubhouse.

So, even for the brands, this platform will be for increasing audience engagement and establishing your authority as the industry leader. To engage with that audience outside Clubhouse, it is wise to link you Instagram or Twitter where your regular social media marketing will also influence your audience to make favorable decisions.

If not, then you can hire social media professionals to manage your social media marketing or get social management software. The EBM Social Management Software offers a free trial to help you understand the software well before deciding to purchase it.

What do you think of Clubhouse? Would you want to join it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you know some who might benefit from this information? Then, do share the blog with them.

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