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How to Use Google My Business to Increase Your Business Revenue?

How to Use Google My Business to Increase Your Business Revenue?

Admin 19-02-2021

In this day and age, any and every business is bound to have a website and social media presence to make sure that their customers find them whenever they need their products or services.

But did you know that customers show the highest buying intent when they are on the search engine result page? And if your profile is not on the first page then chances are they won’t even reach you.

However, there is a way for local businesses to skip the line and show up on top with something called the Google My Business profile. It is the local business listing service offered by Google to help its users find relevant businesses near their location.

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the benefits of having a complete Google My Business Profile. Today, we will see various tactics to optimize and update your business profile on Google search results.

Why optimizing your Google My Business profile necessary?

Many businesses invest in local advertising on Google, but there is also your Google business profile that you can optimize to increase your business growth. Your business profile is going to be present on the Google search engine result page whether you want it or not. This is because anyone can put the business listing on Google to help others find it easily.

And if you do not claim it, it will remain bare with only a map pointing to your possible location and your name. Not a business that many people would choose to buy from. They may not trust it as much as they would trust a complete business profile with important information, photos, and useful reviews.

You may have your regular customers buying from your business but with an optimized business profile on Google, you will have newer customers frequently discovering and purchasing from you.

This way, not only your customer base increases but you may also get more loyal customers who will only purchase your products or services.

But then, how do you optimize your Google My Business profile? You start with claiming your business profile on Google. If you do not have one, then create one.

To do either of them, you need to first create a Google My Business Account.

If you already have a business profile present on the search engine result page, then simply search for it and click on “Claim this business”.

And then…

Fill in all the important details

Once you create your business profile, be sure to fill in all the necessary details accurately and consistently with other listings on the internet. This allows your customers to identify your business across different platforms.

The basic information needs to be consistent across all listings sites for your platform. This information includes:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Working Hours
  5. Website

Apart from that, there is other information that enhances your business profile and that includes:

  1. Business Category
  2. List of products/services
  3. Business Description
  4. FAQs
  5. Reviews
  6. Posts and updates
  7. Q & A section

The additional information in the above sections allows the user to know your business better make an informed decision before buying from your business.

Add relevant photos

We all know how influential visual marketing for business growth can be and photos of your business have a huge impact on the customer’s trust. The more photos and videos you have of your business, the more a user will know what to expect. And if the user likes the photos and videos that they see, there are high chances that they will also check out your physical store as well.

There are three places where you need to be careful in choosing your pictures. Your primary thumbnail should be your business logo. The cover photo, although it may be picked according to the search query, should still choose a default picture that reflects your brand. And the regular photo updates.

Here is what you need to take care of while taking pictures/videos.

  1. Take high-quality pictures/videos.
  2. The picture should be in good light that reflects your ambiance.
  3. Do not use stock/water-marked images.
  4. Use real images without filters.
  5. Do not put blurry images or out-of-focus videos.
  6. Tag your location to your photos.
  7. Follow Google’s photo guidelines.

Add accurate business hours and description

Mention your business hours in the Hours section of your business profile. Make sure that you also enter your holiday hours if you keep your business open during those days.

This will help your customers to know when to expect service from you.

Your business description or “From the business” is where you can describe your business aptly within 750 characters. Use these 750 characters to tell something other than what is already present in your business profile.

Your first 200-300 characters must contain important information with relevant keywords. This way, your customers will be able to read all the important points before it is truncated off.

Ensure that you make good use of this section to let your customers know about your business values. Do not put any links to blogs or social media in this section.

Choose your relevant category and attributes

Google offers more than 3500 categories for your business. Choose the most relevant category to be your primary one. Apart from that, Google allows you to choose other 9 categories relevant to your business. However, we will suggest you choose 3-5 categories closely related to your business.

For example, if you own a sports club but also sell sports memorabilia, then your primary category will be sports club and sports memorabilia store may become one of your secondary categories. However, you must refrain from choosing every category related to sports in your secondary category. See what you offer and choose your secondary categories accordingly.

Add your options for customer inquiry

Once you have your basic information all filled up, it is now time to set up communication channels to allow your customers to talk to you directly. You can add in your contact number so that your customers can call you for inquiry or you can set up messaging channels for your clients to drop you a text.

Google My Business offers you both of these options. By adding the option to call your business, you make it easier for your customers to reach you in communication where you can actively encourage them to purchase from you.

Similarly, you can also add an option for your customers to send you a message where you can give them a callback or reply to their queries via a message itself. Google offers you to install messages app via Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iPhone users.

Add in some FAQs and answer them

You can get some of the most commonly asked questions about your business from your sales team or the person who is directly in contact with the customers on the daily basis. Create a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and add them to your Google Business Profile.

Answer these frequently asked questions in clear and understandable language so that any users who check your profile will be able to find them instead of directly asking you some of the most common questions about your business.

Similarly, you must also keep a lookout for the questions that your customers or prospects ask. These questions are not in your control and, as public as they are, anyone can answer these questions. So keep an eye on these questions and answer them as best as you can and keep upvoting it so that your answer remains on the top and others cannot spread any incorrect information or rumor about your business.

Gather reviews

Reviews are one of the most influencing factors for the choice of any customer. People want to know others’ experiences with the product, services, or brand before making a purchase.

Reviews help your customers to make an informed decision while buying any commodity or service. This is why people prefer higher rated and positively reviewed products over products or services with no ratings or reviews.

Good reviews are worth much more than any type of advertising that you may put up. That is because people will trust the word of other buyers more than what your business says. Therefore, you must get as many positive ratings and reviews from your customers as possible.

You can simply ask your customers to leave a review and ratings for your work on your Google business listing profiles. Studies show that if a business asks, more than 70% of customers will leave a review about that business. So just ask your customers to leave a review.

Or, if you want, you can ask your most loyal customers to leave positive reviews on your business profile. With higher ratings and better reviews, more customers will want to do business with you.

Use the posts feature

Google My Business offer features for you to post about ongoing offers and discounts to allow customers to claim the offers or at least be aware of the ongoing offers, festivals, and events.

Similar to social media marketing, you must post regularly on the Google business profile. Remember, these posts are visible directly from the search engine result pages. So, people will be able to see these offers whenever they search for your products, services, or your brand.

You can post about any upcoming event, sale, offers, discounts, or festival sale. You must keep the frequency of your posts closer, once or twice a week. And be consistent with your posting.

While posting, make sure that you also include your keywords relevantly. Your posts also have a little contribution to your ranking. Also, make sure to add attractive and informational photos and videos as well.


Google my business is a great tool to leverage for getting higher revenue within your local region. Once you have created an account and used the right tactics to keep your profile updated, Google My Business gives you many benefits that can increase your profit.

In this blog, we discussed different tactics to keep your Google business profile updated and get substantial results in terms of awareness, customer-base, and revenue. These tactics are:

  1. Fill in all the important details
  2. Add relevant photos
  3. Add accurate business hours and description
  4. Choose your relevant category and attributes
  5. Add your options for customer inquiry
  6. Add in some FAQs and answer them
  7. Gather reviews
  8. Use the posts feature

If you wish, outsource a digital marketing agency to help you out with creating and managing your Google My Business account. Or you can also manage it along with all your social media accounts with the EBM Social Management Software.

You can use the social management software for free with the trial version for a limited time after which you can recharge your usage credits to keep using the software.

What else would you do to increase your business revenue with Google My Business? Let us know in the comments below. And while you are here, share the blog with someone who might get benefitted from it.

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