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Twitter Spaces Releases for Everyone in the Next Month: Here is all you should know about it

Twitter Spaces Releases for Everyone in the Next Month: Here is all you should know about it

Admin 22-03-2021

Innovations in the technological industry always keep the world reeling in wonder. With time people have found new ways to stay connected with each other and create a solid illusion of being closer to others than they really are.

Social media especially allows people to connect with others no matter how far they are from each other. You can watch and listen to celebrities of different fields right from your smartphone, no need to buy tickets to the concert, movie, or a conference talk.

Last year, an invite-only audio-based social application was released for iPhone users, Clubhouse. It allows users to create and listen to audio conversations of other people. In December of the same year, Twitter started working on a similar concept called Twitter Spaces.

Only a few beta-users were allowed to test the feature but now, the Twitter Spaces feature will soon be available to everyone in April 2021. Read the blog to find out how Twitter Spaces will be different from Clubhouse and what all it has to offer.

What is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a new feature of Twitter that allows users to create Spaces for live audio-chat and invite join and listen to the audio chat.

It allows only 11 people to speak at any given time, while there is no limit to listeners who can only listen to their conversation happening on the stage.

Twitter has already provided access to the Android users to join, listen, and speak in the Space created by the beta-testers via a link sent by the host to your phone. However, since it is not officially launched yet, you cannot create a Space on Twitter.

Spaces are shown at the top along with Twitter Fleets, you can simply tap on it to start listening to the conversation. Though, if you do not follow any of the beta-testers yet, you may not be able to see or join the Space as off yet.

How does Twitter Spaces work?

To create a Space, you need to either long-press the Compose Tweet icon or click on your Fleets profile picture. Select Spaces from the option (it appears on the far right when you click on your profile picture) and when you are ready, start broadcasting your talk live.

Twitter Spaces too are only accessible to the public only till they are live. People will not be able to access the Space once the broadcast has ended. However, the host can still access and download a copy of their broadcast via account settings on Twitter. Twitter also offers the host to choose whether they want the conversation to be live captioned automatically.

Spaces can only be created publicly, which means that if your Twitter account is private, you will not be able to create a Space. However, you can still listen to, join, or speak in someone else’s Space if you have an invite to join it as a speaker. Your presence will be visible to others in the Space if you decide to join or speak in other’s Space.

For user safety, the hosts have to create content in line with the Twitter Rules. Hosts can also report, block, and remove any listener from the Space. As a speaker or listener, you can block and report people in the Space.

How will Twitter Spaces be helpful for brands?

Unlike Clubhouse, Twitter allows the users to download the Space that they create. The hosts can only download the Space until Twitter keeps the audio and the transcript of the conversation with them for moderation (30-90 days).

With this feature, content creators and brands will be able to download their Spaces and edit them if they want. Brands and businesses will also be able to repurpose their content on other platforms as well.

This will allow higher visibility to the content that you post on Twitter. Unlike its competitor, the audience on Twitter is more acceptable to mild marketing and promotion of your brand. So, you will be able to use it for increasing brand awareness, increasing brand reach, and engagement to attract more leads for your brand.

Apart from that, if you cleverly use the feature to provide genuine information and value to your audience, you will also be able to increase your brand reputation and reiterate your image as an industry leader.

Twitter Spaces will be like a live audio show to emphasize the best of your brands plus points. Its live exclusivity gives it an edge similar to YouTube Premieres. Use that to your advantage and you will have a larger number of listeners every time you create a Space.


Before Twitter Spaces launch publicly in April, you can still join, listen and speak in the beta-testers’ Spaces. You will, more or less, get an idea of how Twitter Spaces work so that you will be able to use it more optimally.

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