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Top Web designing trends to look forward to in 2021

Top Web designing trends to look forward to in 2021

Admin 11-11-2020

As the end of the year 2020 draws near, everyone is looking forward to new possibilities that the next year will bring for their businesses and marketing. One of the tools that play a big role in marketing and promoting your products and services is your website.

Websites are also the first impression of the business or the brand. So, as much as creating a website is important, designing that website in a way that attracts consumer attention is also important.

There are many things that a website designer has to keep in mind while designing a brand’s website. The timeless necessities of any website are its user-friendliness, content, security, easy navigation, and faster load time. These aspects play a huge role in making your website dynamic and retaining user attention for longer.

However, we believe that 2021 will bring more to the table with faster and multi-device accessibility, navigation, shorter wait times, and intuitive designs that will be helpful to the users as much as they would be brilliant.

With that said, we will use this blog to discuss the top web designing trends to look forward to in 2021.

Web designing trends for 2021

The year 2021 will see an increase in the use of chatbots, dark mode, smarter page loading approaches to decrease wait time, and better user experience. Web designers are focusing more on design with higher interactivity with the user to increase the traffic and conversion rates.

To understand that better, let us take a look at the top web designing trends.

Unique Hero Section

The large banner or header of the website that holds a gist of the complete website is known as the “hero section”. This section is the first thing that the user sees on your website so it needs to be eye-catching enough to make the user stay on the website for longer.

Website designers are using new ways to make the hero section as unique as possible.

·         Minimalism

A minimalistic hero is getting new recognition. In 2021, websites will see more minimalism and lesser objects on the hero. A classic example of this is the Apple website.

However, websites will experiment with color minimalism by playing with different colors ranging from subtle pastels to bold primaries. While choosing these colors, using color psychology will help you to create an impact on the mood and behavior of your customers.

Color psychology states that certain colors can evoke particular emotions within people. For example, red suggests urgency and boldness, Blue suggests subtlety and familiarity, whereas Black suggests power and sophistication.

·         Fluidic shapes

Using geometrical patterns in the hero image is nothing new but with time, web designers will start using more fluidic or organic shapes. These are shapes that do not have any straight lines or boxes. Such shapes can be found in the nature around us and hence are called, organic shapes.

·         Gradients

Color gradients will also be in trend for designing the hero section of any website. The gradients are often used with bigger and bolder fonts and give a remarkable impact on the website.

·         Typographic hero section

In a sea of websites with numerous images for the hero section, using only text as your header will create curiosity and interest for your consumers.

With typography, you need to be sure about the fonts you use. It can be bold and unique or familiar and captivating but catchy.

Human-like Chatbots

With the constant advancement in artificial intelligence technology, the chatbots integrated with the website will also become more intelligent. In 2021, we will see more websites with integrated chatbots that help customers to navigate the website with ease.

Chatbots are very useful for websites to give better customer support to their clients. It is available 24/7 without having to pay for extra support executives. In the future, more online shopping websites will integrate a smarter chatbot to help their customers find the product that they want without having to search for it through the long catalog. Advanced chatbots will also be able to solve complex queries like suggesting a product to the customer based on their buying history or the list of products they have saved in their wishlist.

Voice-activated Interface

With applications like Alexa and Google assistant and gadgets like Amazon Echo and Google Home, we are slowly getting used to talking to our devices rather than typing our queries.

This facility will also be available on more websites in 2021. Your customers will not only search your website with their voices but also talk to the chatbot integrated with your website.

E-commerce websites like Flipkart (India) and Amazon are already using voice search. Consumers can also place an order on Amazon by using Alexa.

Scroll-triggered animation

This is another way of giving your website a funky and interactive look. With scroll-triggered animation, design objects on your webpage move as one starts to scroll down.

The animation increases customer interest in your website in also increases their time on your website. It may also play a role in increasing website traffic and conversion.

However, as a designer, you will need to be careful of not confusing your user with the animation. The message that the website wants to give its user also needs to be just as clear as any normally designed website.

Virtual Reality and Augment Reality (VR & AR)

The virtual reality sphere is constantly evolving. Virtual and augmented reality are the shiny new technology that everyone is interested in. It has already become a part of social media platforms like Instagram and in 2021 it will also become a part of more websites.

Websites like IKEA is already using augmented reality to let its customers know how a particular chair or cabinet will look in their drawing-room. Lenskart also allows its customers to “try” out different frames on their faces before buying.

Augment reality and virtual reality will be very useful for e-commerce websites as well as hospitality websites. Airbnb, for example, gives its customers a virtual tour of the rented room before you confirm your reservations.

Similarly, tourism websites can also put snippets of a virtual tour of the places that they offer packages for. Virtual and augmented reality will allow your customers to choose products more wisely.

Additionally, other trends will carry forward to 2021, like dark mode, usage of plentiful white space, micro-interaction, animation, etc. Ultimately, the focus would still be on increasing user interaction, page time, and lead generation.


Website designing will be full of practices that encourage customer interactivity, provide them a new perspective of products and give faster service.

So make sure that you build or update your website accordingly. It will add to the time consumers spend on your pages that will eventually lead to more conversions.

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Which web designing trends are you looking forward to? Let us know why in the comments below and don’t forget to check out our blog for more interesting content like this.

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