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Understanding the Top Social Media Marketing Trends: 2021

Understanding the Top Social Media Marketing Trends: 2021

Admin 06-11-2020

Different social media platforms are a great way for brands to connect and engage with their customers. Big and small brands can not only promote their products and services on social media but also engage their consumers with the brand to understand their demands and expectations.

In the year 2020, when the majority of the world was under lockdown social media played a very important role in keeping it connected. Even from within the walls of their houses, consumers were able to communicate with brands that adapted to the situation faster.

As we are slowly getting out of the pandemic, its repercussions are going to follow us well into the next year. And that is something you need to stay prepared to keep your consumers interested.

Recently, Talkwalker & Hubspot jointly released a social media trend report for the year 2021. In this blog, we are going to dive deeper to understand what these trends are and how you can use them to grow your business on social media.

Let’s start at…

Remixing the user-generated content (UGC)

Remember the different song trends on TikTok? That’s remixing!

Users take the pre-existing templates, formats, or ideas and create something of their own which may resonate with them. A study on how artist Drake has used this technique to reach out to his followers makes us understand the huge impact of remixing.

The consumers remixing songs to create something that expresses their personality allows them to create a sense of community within their followers. Conversely, businesses can encourage their consumers to create more UGC.

An example of this is the Zomato YouTube ad contest campaign where, Zomato urged YouTube users, who are bored of their ads interrupting their videos, to create ads that the viewers would like to watch. As a result, the brand received an incredible amount of creative videos that promoted Zomato.

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