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Top Social Media Marketing Strategies for Hospitality Businesses

Top Social Media Marketing Strategies for Hospitality Businesses

Admin 17-04-2021

Social media is now a part of every industry, business, and brand’s digital marketing effort for a higher growth rate and profit of their business. Social media marketing can help in increasing the reputation and trust of a brand or business among its customers and online audience.

One of the industries that gains the most advantage from social media marketing is hospitality. The hospitality sector of India has always been very prosperous, right from tours and travel businesses to luxurious hotels.

However, the recent global situation has slowed it down considerably (as it had done with most other businesses). With lives slowly starting to turn back to normal, hotels and travel agencies can again attract their customers and online audience with some exceptional social media marketing and improved focus on customer service and safety.

In today’s blog, we will be looking at top social media marketing strategies for hospitality businesses to ascertain business growth. But first, let’s understand why we said that hospitality gains the most advantage.

Hospitality and social media marketing

Almost all of the most popular social media platforms heavily focus on the visual aspect of the posts. And there are only a few industries that can have the advantage of being aesthetic in a way that demands attention on social media like the fashion industry and Fine arts.

The hospitality sector is also one such industry that can tell a whole story with only pictures. And if you have a social media marketing team of exceptional storytellers, then your social media marketing campaign is bound to be successful.

People love food, they love traveling to new places, and they love scenic destinations. And the hospitality sector can leverage this to promote their businesses on social media.

The only catch is that you must know how to use social media efficiently in order to reap maximum benefits for your hospitality business, whether it is a travel agency or a hotel.

And that is why we will be discussing some of the proven ways to use different social media marketing strategies to boost your hospitality business.

Choose your social media platform

Most of the bigger hotels have a presence on more than two popular social media platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

However, if you are a new business or a business with a small budget, you can choose to market your brand on only one or two social media platforms to keep the campaigning manageable. Or you can use social management software to manage all your different social media accounts from a single interface.

Based on the social media platform you choose, your content format will differ.

Where Facebook is a mix of audio-visual and textual content, Instagram and Pinterest are more visual platforms. However, the format of images and videos can be a little different on Instagram and Pinterest. And then there is YouTube which almost completely focuses on video, long and short.

Your content strategy will change depending on the platform you are posting on. However, there are some types of content that you can post on every platform. For example, images of offers and discounts can go on every platform as they are, even on YouTube with its Community Post feature (if you have more than 10K subscribers).

Leverage your current guests

Your social media audience will be having a very similar persona as your current guests. Thus, observe your guests know what type of people are interested in your hotel. Are they business professionals? Families?

Once you know what your guests are looking for in your hotel, you can use that knowledge to create posts that appeal to your target audience on social media.

Ask your guests to leave feedback on what they liked about the hotel and what they did not. You can further ask them to leave a review on Google, TripAdvisor, and similar other review sites to increase your online reputation as well.

Furthermore, you must encourage them to tag your hotel in any photo or video of your hotel that they post on their social media accounts. You can do so by offering them certain incentives like resharing/featuring their post on your social media account.

Create engaging content

For the hospitality business, it is all about visuals with a relevant and clever caption. If yours is a hotel, then share the interiors of your hotel, create a 360° video tour to show your potential guests what to expect from their stay at the hotel. Showcase the ambiance in and around your hotel.

Make sure that the image and video quality is always high. With social media images and videos, your main goal would be to show your audience a lifestyle that they desire, a place where they can escape away to let go of all their worries.

Use different features of social media to share different types of content. For example, you can share a long video using IGTV on Instagram whereas a shorter fun video using reels instead of simply posting it on your timeline.

Your content on social media should be a mix of entertainment and information. While you may post scenic images of your hotel or travel destination, you will also need to post content that offers value to your followers and online audience.

For example, if you are a travel agency, then instead of simply showing pictures of different travel destinations, you can give them information about which time of the year is the best to travel to that destination, what things do the travelers need to take with them, what to expect from the culture of that place, etc.

Increase engagement

To effectively attract your social media audience, creating engaging content is not enough. You need to engage with your followers and audience as a brand.

Responding to the content you share on social media, you may find out that there are previous guests that are commenting on your post, be sure to reply to their comments in a way that you want them to perceive your hotel.

Reply to the Direct messages (DM) and reshare the good photos or videos of your hotel that your guests have uploaded on their social media accounts.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter work marvelously when it comes to giving your guests online customer support. You too can use these platforms to answer any queries or inquiries regarding your hotel or travel agency.

Follow a theme for your profile

As mentioned earlier, the hospitality industry relies heavily on its visual appeal on social media. This means that every image or video that you post on social media must have aesthetics that give the same vibe as your hotel.

Sticking to a visual theme (especially for Instagram and Pinterest) that coincides with your hotel will help you give a basic idea of what kind of visuals you need to create for any post. The theme could be anything ranging from the color palette you use for the posts, to the visual style of the post.

With an aesthetic theme, your social media account will look more professional and reflect your hotel’s ambiance virtually on each of your social media accounts.

Outsource social media marketing professionals

The hospitality industry is indeed massive and there are many aspects of it that demand to be shared with your followers and target audience on social media. While posting regularly is necessary, responding and engaging with the audience is just as important to boost your hotel’s reputation on social media.

To manage all of this and more with the efficiency of an expert, it is a clever idea to outsource social media marketing professionals. They will not only help you with creating content and creatives for your social media posts but also help you manage your social media accounts efficiently.

With regular progress reports, you will also stay in the loop of how your hotel’s social media accounts are performing. Moreover, a social media marketing agency will also help you to run advertisements on social media within your budget.


How do hotels use social media marketing?

The social media marketing of hotels is a clever mix of stunning visuals of their interiors, exteriors, and surroundings, guest experience posts, event or occasion posts, offers & discounts, and similar other information to help their followers plan their next trip better.

How can a hospitality business use Facebook?

Hospitality businesses can use Facebook to post

  • Hotel interiors
  • Scenic views of the destination
  • Clever storytelling about their employees and guests
  • Video tours of the hotel
  • Offers and discounts
  • Travel guides

Hospitality businesses can also use social media to run Facebook ads so that they can reach newer customers and achieve goals like increasing followers, generating leads, getting more guests, etc.

Why is communicating through social media important for the hospitality industry?

Social media offers a huge platform for the hotels to communicate with their current and previous guests while also attracting new guests to the hotel.

The posts that your hotel shares on social media often would remind your previous guests of the fun time they had there and that itself creates a relationship between the guests and the hotel.

Social media is useful for hotels to nurture such relationships so that whenever the guest decides to visit that destination again, they will want to check in to that same hotel.


The hospitality industry can gain so much from clever and compassionate social media marketing. The social media platforms do not only act as a promotion space but also a space to connect with your guests.

If you are new to a social media marketing or do not have an experienced staff for it, you can always outsource a digital marketing agency that can help you out with your social media marketing efforts.

How else would you promote your hospitality business on social media? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to check out our other blogs to find more content like this.

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