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Top SEO Trends 2021: What you can do to gain more traffic

Top SEO Trends 2021: What you can do to gain more traffic

Admin 03-12-2020

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing your website and its content to gain a higher ranking on the search engine result page (SERP). It is a part of the big digital marketing umbrella. Since Google is the most preferred search engine, most businesses focus on optimizing their website content according to different Google algorithms set to rank pages according to the search query.

Google often releases new updates for its search ranking algorithm to provide more relevant results according to the user’s search query. The priority here is to give useful, quality information to the user. Consequently, whenever a search query is entered, Google ranks those pages higher that have the most relevant quality content that can help the user.

If you want your page to rank higher for your targeted keywords, then you will have to optimize your overall content to provide genuine and useful information to your audience.

How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help?

As important as it is to create a website for your business, without reaching its target audience, it will be of no use. Proper SEO practices can help you improve your page rank so that your target audience finds you faster whenever they search for products or services offered by your business. It will not only increase your website traffic but can also positively affect your sales and brand reach.

When we think of promoting our business online, using pay-per-click advertising is much easier and faster to appear on the Google search page compared to organically ranking higher. It takes more time and effort to increase your page ranking organically, although, once your page reaches a higher position, the rewards are also worth the efforts.

Moreover, most people prefer choosing organically higher-ranked results as compared to the advertisements positioned above them. So, it makes sense to focus more on improving your website’s page ranking organically. With that said, let us check out the latest top SEO trends for increased rankings.

Searches other than textual will play a huge part

Although text search remains a prominent way of searching on the internet, it is not the only way. With smart devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home, voice search is the next big thing for the mode of interacting with the content online. It may not come as a surprise if voice search overtakes text searches made regularly on Google.

As it is, smart speakers are predicted to enter as much as 55% of households by 2022. And with that, the number of voice searches will also increase. So, make your webpage voice search ready.

You can do so by identifying long-tail keyword phrases that one would speak rather than type. For example, people may type “pharmacy near me” but speak “Where is the nearest pharmacy?” So, phrase a question related to the keywords that you think the customers you are targeting may search.

Similarly, image search will also be a factor that affects the search rankings. With image search engines like Google Lens, users will not only search the internet using an image but also make purchases.

So, make sure you use include high-quality images in your content, name the image files accordingly, and write relevant image alt-text.

Content that matches Google’s EAT criteria will be prioritized

As mentioned earlier, Google makes sure that the user gets the most relevant and useful result for his/her search query. It makes sure the content that ranks higher is high-quality by measuring the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EAT).

As the search engine upgrades, marketers have to optimize their page not for the search engine but for the user who will visit it. The only way you can rank higher on SERPs is by creating genuinely useful content that will provide some value to your audience.

Use your market research and buyer personas to create content that acknowledges your targeted customers and their needs. Make sure that you know which content format your audience prefers, is it textual, audio-visual, or just audio/visual.

Do not put claims uncited, make sure that your claims are backed up by facts and stats from reputed and well-acknowledged websites like government websites or scientific research papers.

Enhanced predictive searches will ensure the right content reaches the right user

Search prediction is not limited to the secondary keywords suggested by Google, instead, Google now suggests webpages according to the user’s interest based on their search history, location, browsing history, and application usage. This is what Google Discover is all about.

It is an AI-based tool that suggests topics and webpages to individual users based on their interests, activities, and behavioral pattern. By gathering this information, it then showcases relevant content on the Google app.

There is not much you can do to get your page in Discover other than adding content that will be helpful to your audience. Their interest in your industry will automatically add relevant pages to their feed.

Local businesses will be at an advantage

With an increase in voice search, search for local products and services will also increase. As it is, people search for local businesses way more than others. Restaurants, HVAC businesses, and other local businesses can reach the target consumers in their regions faster and with much lesser competition.

So make sure that you make your Google My Business profile and fill in all the details. This will increase your trustworthiness and drive more traffic to your physical store.

Local business SEO is constantly growing to reach more customers in the area. When a user inputs a search query for a product or service, the search engine result page shows the local businesses that offer that product or services at the top. This way, it is easier for the buyer to purchase from a nearby store and the store itself gets more footfalls increasing sales.

Moreover, users searching for a local business have high purchase intent and that means that there are high chances that the user who has visited your Google business profile will end up visiting your physical store and making a purchase as well.

Secondary keywords and well-structured content will be vital

Unlike before, Google’s focus on secondary keywords will also increase to understand the search query better and provide more relevant results to the user. We already know that secondary keywords are important.

Therefore, you must think further than primary keywords and include keyword phrases and focus on topic clusters while creating content. The best way to go is to identify the questions related to your keywords and answer them in your content.

Moreover, keep your content structure organized and more detailed to increase customer engagement. This is especially helpful for mobile users who will check your website on their mobile devices.

Google has already released its mobile-first indexing that ranks websites with better mobile support higher than others. And as the number of searches made using mobile devices continue to grow, your webpage’s mobile-friendly design will improve your page ranking on Google SERP.


This year’s SEO trends are evolving with the search engine’s capacity to learn from its users. More than the search engine, businesses have to optimize their webpages according to the need of their consumers to rank higher on the result page.

In this article, we have discussed the top SEO trends that will dominate SEO practices in 2021. They are:

            Searches other than textual will play a huge part

            Content that matches Google’s EAT criteria will be prioritized

            Enhanced predictive searches will ensure the right content reaches the right user

            Local businesses will be at an advantage

            Secondary keywords and well-structured content will be vital

Make sure that you make good use of these SEO trends or ask your digital marketing agency to update your website to incorporate these trends for better page ranking in the following years.

What else would you do to increase your page rank on Google search engine? Do share your ideas with us in the comments section below, and make sure to check out our blog for more interesting topics like this.

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