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Top LinkedIn Marketing Tips for B2B Business Owners: Reach new clients on LinkedIn

Top LinkedIn Marketing Tips for B2B Business Owners: Reach new clients on LinkedIn

Tejal Surve 30-07-2021

Brands and businesses have been most active on social media websites, whether B2B or B2C. Where social media websites like Facebook and Instagram allow you to reach out directly to customers, LinkedIn is a social media network that helps you to reach other businesses. With LinkedIn marketing, you can attract businesses to your brand and create long-term consumer relationships.

LinkedIn is a social media website for professional networking that allows you to connect with businesses and professionals from different fields and industries. It is one of the best online spaces for you to find your target audience and leads if you are working in a B2B business.

If you are up for some serious social media marketing for your B2B business, then LinkedIn is the space for you. Keep reading to know how you can leverage.

Reasons to choose LinkedIn for B2B marketing

As you may already know, LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform along with being one of the most trusted job search websites. It is currently used by more than 774 million users from various industries. From the entry-level professionals to decision-makers, you will be able to find them all on the platform.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose LinkedIn for B2B marketing.

  • It allows you to connect directly with your prospective client’s decision-makers.

  • It single-handedly accounts for 80% of B2B leads.

  • It is a business-focused professional social media network that makes it easier for you to find professionals from the niche you are targeting.

  • It has elaborate targeting options for advertising marketers.

  • Unlike other social media platforms, the content on LinkedIn is focused on being relevant to the professional community of the platform.

When you are out on the lookout for business clients, LinkedIn is a powerful stage that allows you to connect with them and give you all the relevant information necessary to identify them as your prospect.

Here are top LinkedIn marketing tips for B2B business owners to help them reach new clients and maintain good relationships with existing clients.

#01: Optimize your business page

If someone searches for your business on Google they may also find your LinkedIn page in the SERPS. And that is how your LinkedIn page might be the first impression you make on your potential client.

In such cases, it becomes important that your LinkedIn business page encourages your visitors to interact with your brand and probably even convert. So, optimize your page for conversions.

Create and upload a header image that grabs your visitor’s attention. You can add a copy to it that helps create interest in your audience’s mind.

After the header, comes your company description. Understand that LinkedIn is also a social media network albeit for professionals. If you are to reach your clients through LinkedIn, then your description should also be focused on the needs of your clients.

Instead of writing how many employees you have and how many branches your company has, focus on how many satisfied client profiles you have and what your previous or current clients have to say about you. In this sense, LinkedIn marketing is a lot like your regular social media marketing.

#02: Post quality content

Apart from your page’s static components like the header and business description, the content that you publish should also bring in potential clients to your page. Upload quality content on your feed that encourages your target audience to engage with you.

Similar to other social media platforms, images and videos on LinkedIn get more traction than simply textual posts. Use media that complements your message. The content here should also be client-focused.

LinkedIn allows you to use hashtags to reach out to the people that are interested in topics from your industry.

You can use LinkedIn analytics to find out which of your posts are performing well. Accordingly, you can also create similar post templates for your newer posts.

And the most important thing of all, post factually correct content. Make sure that if you are claiming something, you have supporting evidence for that claim. Just one mistake realized by your client is enough to break all the trust you built throughout the years.

#03: Connect directly with your clients

Unlike most other social media websites, LinkedIn allows you to know where most people work by default. This allows you to know who you want to target, which companies and businesses can be your potential clients.

With the advanced search option in LinkedIn, you can filter your search according to who your target audience is. The advance search option offers your the following attributes to filter your search:

  • Keyword

  • Name

  • Title

  • Location

  • Current Company

  • Past Company

  • Industry

  • School

  • Profile Language

  • Non-Profit Interest

This allows you to pinpoint exactly who and which company or business you want to target. Find the people with advanced search and connect with them directly to engage and interact with them.

Save these highly filtered searches to receive alerts from them or to find the same results again. Click on the ‘Save Search’ button on the right upper corner.

Nurture these businesses with your content and work portfolio so that they start trusting you. Use InMail to send personalized messages to the people you want to pitch and interact with them regarding their work and how your work can simplify their work.

#04: Find groups from your niche

LinkedIn also allows you to search for groups from the search bar. Simply select ‘Groups’ from the left drop-down and enter your keyword. There are currently more than 2 million active groups on LinkedIn. With these many different groups, there is a high chance that a group relating to your niche may also be present there.

Join these groups and you will reach a flock of people making up a good chunk of your target audience. Post consistently in such groups but make sure that you do not post your brand or business promotion. Providing them value with your content on the group feed will allow them to interact with you and recognize you as an industry leader. Before joining the group, check if the group is active or not. Join the very active groups that keep the conversation going.

If you choose a group with lesser activity or too many members, you may be able to reach the audience because either you will not have anyone to see your posts or you will have too many members posting on top of yours.

So, a moderately crowded and highly active group should be what you look for in LinkedIn groups.

Furthermore, you can also create your own group if you find a topic that is worthy of a group. You will be the admin and moderator of such groups so make sure that you do not post too much promotional content that may make your group look like an advertising feed. Publish high-quality genuinely valuable content that is helpful for the members of that group and they will start recognizing your authority.

#05: Use LinkedIn advertisements

LinkedIn offers you robust platform advertising solutions. With elaborate targeting filters like job position, functions, company size, age, and industry, LinkedIn allows you to target your business promotion ads precisely.

LinkedIn marketing without advertising cannot help you reach your complete potential. Hence, taking advantage of the advertising options is the best way to reach your target audience on the platform.

You can choose your goal of advertisement, what you want to achieve from the ad campaign. Select the type of ad you want to run. LinkedIn offers three different types of ad spaces: Sponsored ads that appear as promoted posts in the feed, Message ads that appear as sponsored messages, and text messages appearing on the right side or the top of your feed.

In each type, there are different formats you can choose from. For sponsored content ads you can choose to go with one of the following:

  • Single Image ad

  • Carousel (Multiple) Image ad

  • Video ad

  • Event ad to promote your LinkedIn event

Whereas message ads include:

  • Conversational message, where you can prompt an answer from your audience.

  • Message ad, a message with a dedicated CTA

Text ads also have various formats

  • Text ads that appear on the ‘Ads you may be interested in’ section

  • Spotlight ad for increasing traffic on your landing page

  • Follow ad for increasing followers

Apart from these three types, there is one more type, the Lead Gen Form ad that is similar to the sponsored content type but helps you achieve your lead generation goals. If you are unsure about what works best for your business, you can consult a digital marketing agency to help you out and help you achieve your LinkedIn marketing goals.


Is LinkedIn good for B2B marketing?

Yes. Since the platform is a gathering place for more than 770 million professionals, it allows you to connect with the right audience for your business. You can target your audience based on their job title and reach the right people to seal the deal of B2B trade.

How do you do B2B marketing on LinkedIn?

In this blog, we have discussed top Linkedin marketing tips for B2B business owners. They are:

  • Optimize your business page

  • Post quality content

  • Connect directly with your clients

  • Find groups from your niche

  • Use LinkedIn advertisements

What is LinkedIn marketing strategy?

The course of action you create to achieve your marketing goals using LinkedIn as a platform can be included in your LinkedIn marketing strategy.


LinkedIn is a large sea when it comes to opportunities to connect with other business professionals for B2B marketing. Optimize your business page for conversions so that it encourages everyone who visits your page to check out your website or try your service/product. Provide value to your followers by posting quality content, focus on engaging with as many of your target audience as possible, and if possible, conversions.

LinkedIn’s Advanced Search allows you to find an accurate target audience with whom you can connect directly on the platform. Use it to find people as well as groups that discuss topics related to your niche or industry.

And finally, reach a wider audience by advertising on LinkedIn with its elaborate targeting options.

What other points would you like to add to the above list of LinkedIn marketing tips? Let us know in the comments below. And if you think this helped you and may help someone you know, consider sharing it with them.

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