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Top Strategies to Boost your Email Marketing

Top Strategies to Boost your Email Marketing

Admin 17-11-2020

No digital marketing campaign is complete without email marketing. Whether you are a small, medium, or a large business, you must have thought of running an email campaign at some point. Now, whether it was successful or not would have depended on how you had managed the data, content, and the campaign itself.

Emails have been around us for more than two decades and it is one of the most preferred marketing strategies for many businesses around the world. When done right, email marketing has can be a powerful marketing tactic that attracts 40% more customers as compared to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Email marketing is not only about gathering contacts through contact forms and shooting random content that you want your customers to know of. In fact, emails you send should be more about what your customers want from you than the other way.

There are many ways that you can ensure that your email marketing campaign brings you some substantial results. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss different strategies that will help you boost your email marketing campaign.

Mobile-friendly emails

About 46% of all email opens are from smartphone devices and the number will keep increasing with time. Hence, you must ensure the compatibility of your email across different devices.

If your email is not compatible with the consumer’s device then, chances are, the consumer will delete the email right after opening it. To make certain that your email is accessible on different devices, you can:

·         Use bigger and bolder headlines for better readability.

·         Single column design to ensure the right reading flow.

·         Shorter subject lines that do not hold too much space.

·         Large, clickable CTA buttons that can be tapped on with fingers.

Other than this, if you are using any email marketing services, then it allows you to check how your email looks across various devices. Accordingly, you can make changes to your email and make it more mobile-friendly.

Prefer to send personalized emails

People are more inclined to open the email with personalized subject lines than those which are more generalized. They are more likely to never open or delete an email that is so general that it doesn’t have anything to do with their interests.

You target them specifically by simply adding their name to the subject line or the body. This alone can increase your chances of email opening by almost 26%.

You can also personalize the body by showcasing your products or services that are similar to what the customer had previously bought or showed interest in. This will customize your email to fit the customer’s preferences of products and services.

Segregate your email lists

As a business owner, you may have created a bunch of emails that you plan on sending to your contacts. However, not every customer is interested in all your emails. While some will be interested in the offers and discounts you are offering, others might be interested in the blog updates.

So, creating a separate email list for different consumers is very necessary. After all, no customer will want to go through an email that is not of his/her interest. Creating different lists will also ensure that the email is opened by more users that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

You can use demographics, location, interests as measures to find out who exactly you will be targeting with your emails. This way, you can also make your emails more relatable and interesting for different users. You will essentially increase your email open rate and click-through rate by sending out relevant emails to the right group of customers.

Add clear Call-To-Action buttons

Call-To-Action buttons are necessary for any email that you send. After opening your email, your customer needs to know what they need to do. If they do not understand what you want them to do with your email, then it is as good as deleted from their inbox.

So, put large, mobile-friendly CTA buttons that clearly tell your consumers about the next step that they need to take. Before sending it out to your consumers, test out the CTA, and if they work towards where you want to lead your consumers or not.

Integrate social media and email marketing

If there is any digital marketing platform with the largest number of daily active users, then it is social media platforms. It is one of the best places you can market your products and services.

Use this platform to attract more contacts for your email marketing campaign. You can do this by either asking your consumers to fill out a form on social media, or you can redirect them to your email subscription form through a post on your social media accounts.

On the contrary, you can also make your email marketing contacts follow you on different social media platforms by inserting a link to your social media accounts in the emails. Or you can keep a link to your social media in the body itself.

Create a double opt-in list

Double opt-in is when businesses or websites send a confirmation email to the users that have signed in through a contact form or any other sign up process. Once the user clicks confirm in the email, only then the email address will be added to the mailing list of the business or website.

Many businesses would rather keep the first step sign-up to attract email contacts fearing that double opt-ins will decrease the number of contacts in their email list.

However, when the consumers take the extra step to confirm their opt-in for the emails from your website, that is when you can be assured that they are genuinely interested in the information and services that you are offering. This way, the email list might be shorter, but the opening rate and click-through rates will be higher in ratio.

Other than these techniques, you can use tools like Google Analytics to track the emails that you have sent, use friend referrals to gather more contacts from your genuine contacts, ensure that your subject lines are short yet compelling enough, and set out emails at the most optimal time when the users are more likely to open the emails.


Email marketing is an amazing marketing tool to generate leads and increase the conversion rate of your website if only one knows how to use it to their benefits. Some techniques can get you ahead in your email marketing campaign and give you substantial results.

Yet, if you are not sure, then it is wise to consult a digital marketing company. They help you market your business online with powerful and efficient tools and tried & tested techniques that are sure to bring you sizable results. Moreover, they provide you other services like social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and just about every service under the umbrella of digital marketing.

Which strategies do you use to increase click-throughs from your email marketing campaign? Do share with our readers and us by commenting in the section below.

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