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Top Content Promotion Strategies to Promote Your Blogs

Top Content Promotion Strategies to Promote Your Blogs

Admin 28-06-2021

Have you been creating content but it isn’t getting the response that you have been expecting? That is where content promotion strategies become helpful. After all, the best content will be useless if it does not reach the right people.

If you are creating content, you can hire a digital marketing agency that can help you in promoting that content to your target audience through various online channels.

However, you yourself can do several things to promote your blog online if you know the right sources and channels. In this blog, we will be discussing the top content promotion strategies to promote your blogs online.

You’ll learn various ways to promote your blog, make more people read it, and build a loyal reader base for your blog.

So, keep reading!

Why do you need content promotion strategies?

Content promotion strategies are tactics that digital marketers use to get their content out there for their audience to read. Once the people start reading it and liking the information you share with them, they will keep reading more of it. And later might become curious about your product or service enough to purchase it.

Content promotion helps you in converting your target audience into readers and readers into paying buyers. But if you do not promote your content, it will not reach the target audience and without that, your high-quality content will be nothing more than an online document no one reads.

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, here are some top content promotion strategies that will help you to promote your blog content to reach more people.

Optimize your pages

Search engine optimization is a way to improve your website reach on the search engine result pages so that people who search for your product or service can find you faster.

People use search engines like Google and Bing to search for information on a topic, product, or service. If you are offering the same information they are looking for, you want them to visit your page instead of your competitors. This is where optimizing your pages for search engines comes into play.

Do thorough keyword research on your topic of interest and find out what your audience is typing to search for you on the internet. Include these keywords naturally in your text and use all the other on-page SEO techniques. Apart from that, you can also employ off-page SEO techniques as well such as link-building via guest posting.

This will increase your visibility on the search engine result page which will eventually increase your web traffic as well.

Email Marketing

Once you have a stream of visitors on your website, you can generate leads by gathering their email ids to keep them connected to your blog.

Emails are a great way to personalize your messages for your target audience. But before that, you have to create a list of subscribers to whom you can send the emails. You can gain leads for this through your website by putting up a CTA on your website for a free ebook or newsletter.

When you have enough subscribers, segregate them into different lists based on their interests. This way, you can send them the blogs that they might be interested in.

This way, you can send all the promotional and informational content to your email subscribers along with a CTA to let them know what they need to do next.

While sending emails, you need to make sure that your emails are read. So, the subject line of your email and the timing you send it to your subscribers makes a lot of difference. In a survey by Mailchimp, it is evident that most people are likely to open their emails if you send them during weekdays between 10-12 AM instead of weekends.

Emails can be personalized for every subscriber and are a great way to launch your blog for people to read right away. What’s more, you can also automate the emails to be sent as soon as you publish the blog.

Share them on social media

Social media platforms work great to promote your blogs. Once you have published your blog, you can tell your social media followers about it by sharing the blog to your social media accounts.

You can share it as soon as you publish the blog. But here’s the thing, sharing the blog post directly without context will not make your subscribers click on it. So, write an interesting caption that will catch the reader’s eye and make them curious about what the blog is about.

Giving a context to the blog in the social media caption allows them to know what the blog could be about and if it is something that interests them, then they will click on the link and possibly share it with others.

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are great platforms to promote your post among your target audience. Use appropriate hashtags to make sure that you reach your target audience outside of your followers’ list. And do not forget to interact meaningfully with your audience.

Make use of online community forums

Online forums like Reddit or Quora are platforms to find your target audiences in larger groups and so they make a good place to promote your blogs. People across the platform are often a part of Quora groups or subreddits and regularly contribute to it.

Sharing your blog and information regarding it on these platforms will help you to reach a larger audience. However, these platforms are not very appreciative of direct promotions or advertising. So, instead of simply adding a link to your blog, you should try to genuinely answer the questions asked in the community and then lead the reader on to your blog.

If the readers find your answers and content informational and interesting, they may check your blog.

Repurposing your blogs

Your blog content is too good to be only published as a textual blog that can reach only so many people. Repurposing your blog into other forms allows you to share it on different platforms across the internet where textual content cannot reach.

As you may already know, people tend to pay more attention to images and videos on the internet as compared to plain text. Hence, repurposing your blog into an infographic or an explainer video.

Choose your top-performing posts and change them to a “How-to” or “Why” kind of explainer videos to share them on YouTube and other video streaming platforms. You can also create infographics from your posts and share them on platforms such as Pinterest where infographics are very popular among the users.


Why is content promotion important?

Imagine you wrote a great blog and decided to upload it to your new website. However, you don’t have the web traffic and so your blog post is only seen by a handful of people and read by even fewer.

Now, you do not want that happening to all the hard work you put into your blog. And that is why it is important to promote your blog with various content promotion strategies.

How do you promote digital content?

This blog focuses on various top content promotion strategies that you can use to increase reach on your blog page. These strategies include:

1.    Optimize your pages

2.    Email Marketing

3.    Share them on social media

4.    Make use of online community forums

5.    Repurposing your blogs

Use these techniques to promote your content across different online platforms and attract more traffic to your website.

How do you promote content on social media?

There are various ways to promote your blog on social media. These include sharing the post directly along with a contextual caption to let your audience know what the blog is about, repurposing your blog content to share it on other platforms where links cannot be shared, etc.

You can also ask your followers or blog readers to share your blog on their social media. This will increase the reach of your blog content outside of your followers’ list. Another way to do that is to include hashtags in your blog promotion post on social media so that all the people who follow those hashtags will be able to see your posts and interact with them.


Promoting your blogs and the content in them is just as important to your brand as it is to create high-quality content. Without any of the two, you will not be able to reach your audience or grab their attention to what you have to say.

Promoting your content on social media is the best way to promote your content as the platform has a large number of monthly active users. However, the other techniques are just as useful.

If you need help promoting your content or your brand, then hiring a digital marketing agency is a clever choice. They will help you out with your promotions and marketing while you can focus on strategizing your content creation and managing your brand.

Tell us how you promote your digital content online in the comments section below. And if you found this blog useful consider sharing it on social media with your peers and friends.

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