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Social Media Marketing for Start-Ups: 5 tips that can help you win

Social Media Marketing for Start-Ups: 5 tips that can help you win

Admin 19-06-2021

For any start-up, some of the most important goals are to spread brand awareness and generate leads for their business. However, the initial budget of any start-up is limited and so they can put only so much money into the marketing of their brand.

To overcome this limitation, choosing the right channel to market the brand is imperative. Social media marketing not only offers you a cost-effective platform to market your brand but also gives a much wider reach as compared to any of the other traditional channels of marketing and advertising.

When used correctly, social media platforms can help you reach your marketing goals of increasing brand awareness and lead generation. In this blog, we will be discussing social media marketing tips for start-ups to boost their business.

Before that though, let us check out how social media marketing can benefit your start-up.

Benefits of social media marketing for start-ups

Any start-up is often a small business with a limited budget that they have to distribute across different departments. From this, they have a very small percent of the budget allocated to the marketing and advertising of the product or service.

In such cases, start-ups need higher exposure at lower costs and social media marketing offers just that and more.

With the right social media platforms and efforts, start-ups can reach out to their audience and start interacting with them to increase their trust in your brand and the content you post on social media.

Once the audience starts trusting you on social media, they will be more inclined to buy your products or services. You can use social media with various goals in mind, for example, it can be to increase brand awareness, build brand image, increase brand trust, establish yourself as an industry leader, or generate leads for your website.

Accordingly, you can strategize your social media content to achieve your specific goal.

Gaining a good reputation on social media also helps in improving your sales as when more people become familiar with your brand, they tend to trust it enough to buy from you.

Hence, strong social media marketing has a direct or indirect effect on your start-up’s growth.

With that said, let us check out the social media marketing tips to boost your start-up business.

Tip #01: Choose a platform based on your audience research

Audience and market research is the most important part of marketing. Without knowing your audience all your marketing efforts and funds will go in vain. So, instead of blindly creating accounts on every social media platform in hopes that it will increase your reach, you must focus on a selected few where most of your target audience is present.

Researching your audience will give you data on who they are, what they like and dislike, where they are located, what social media platforms they use, how long or how often they use them, what age group they belong to, and similar other metrics.

You can use this data to determine where most of your target audience gathers, which social media platforms they use the most. And once you know that, you can create your account on these platforms to reach out to these users.

This will help you focus your marketing efforts only on a few social media platforms while giving you a wider reach because of the concentration of your target audience on these platforms.

When your marketing efforts are more focused, you will be able to churn out better content for your audience, understand their requirements better, and will be able to interact with them more effectively.

Tip #02: Create a strong online brand identity

Once you have researched your target audience, you may find more than one social media platform where you have a significant number of audiences present. And so you may decide to create an account on these social media platforms.

This gives you a great opportunity to invite your audience from social media A to like and follow your account on social media B. However, for this to happen smoothly, you need to make sure that your brand identity on both social media is the same.

This will include your username, profile picture, and theme (wherever applicable). Having a single username and profile picture across various accounts allows your audience to quickly identify your brand and follow you on that platform.

If your username is different on every platform, users will not be able to find you quickly and then you may end up losing potential followers because of this.

Tip #03: Keep a consistent posting schedule

Your audience on all the platforms only follows you to get the value from your content on social media. This value can be in the form of important information about your brand and industry or entertainment.

However, if you post sparsely, then chances are they may unfollow you. The same happens if the content you post does not hold any value for your audience. You may not have to post every day, but you must post regularly and consistently.

Another thing to keep in mind while posting on social media platforms is that you need to have a plan on what you are going to post. Sharing hasty and superficial posts will cost you your followers. Users on social media know when the posts are created in a haste and when they are made with proper time and ideation.

So make sure that you always put some value in every post you share on social media. That way, your audience will be interested in your content and brand. And once their interest increases, they will be more open to interacting with you.

Make sure that you have a consistent brand voice that also resonates with the audience. Projecting your brand as someone your audience can relate to will increase their trust in your brand and compel them to engage with you online and offline.

Tip #04: Engage with your audience

Creating engaging content and engaging with your audience are two different things. While your content is engaging enough to start the conversation around your brand, your engagement with your audience is what keeps the conversation going on.

So make sure that you reply and respond to as many comments on your posts as possible. You can also take this chance to redirect your audience to some other post or link to show them what else you have to offer.

Similarly, it is necessary for you to reply to every direct message (DM) so that you project yourself as a friendly and approachable brand to your customers. The more they interact with your brand the more they will start trusting your brand and the information you put forth on social media.

With your interaction, you can also encourage your audience to create user-generated content (UGC) around your brand. This is the most effective type of content that can warrant audience trust for your brand.

People tend to believe other people like themselves vouching for a brand rather than the brand speaking up for itself. So, share it when you see your audience being candidly happy about your products or services. This way your other target audience will also know what others think of you as a brand.

Tip #05: Consider using a social media management software

When your brand is in its initial stages, you often have to wear multiple hats at once. So, you may have to manage the social media accounts along with other tasks that need to be performed.

Using social media management software can help you manage all your social media accounts from a single interface. All you will need to do is link your social media accounts with the software and start creating posts.

You can create, schedule, and share posts on multiple accounts on the same platform or on multiple platforms as well. It also syncs all your inboxes so that you can receive all your messages from your audience on one single platform.

This will reduce the significant amount of time that you spend on social media without compromising the quality of your posts or their content. Social media management software can link more than 15 different platforms on a single dashboard which means that you can post on more than 15 platforms at a single time.

Moreover, the scheduling feature of the software allows you to create posts in bulk and then schedule them to be shared on the social media platforms that you choose and on the date and time that you want.


How do start-ups do social media?

The first priority of any start-up is to create brand awareness followed by lead generation. To do that, the start-up needs to know what their target audience is most concerned about and share useful information regarding their industry and that topic from their industry. Sharing genuine information that helps your audience will eventually attract them towards learning more about your brand or business and interact with it on social media. Through this interaction, start-ups can build their brand image and increase audience trust in their brand.

How do I start a social media strategy for a start-up?

The first thing you may want to do is research your audience and create a buyer persona and accordingly target that audience group on social media platforms. From there, based on your industry, you can create a social media marketing strategy.

It must include,

  • Your audience and market research findings,

  • Choosing the right platform based on that,

  • Creating meaningful content that provides value to your customers,

  • Liking and replying to your audience’s comments and DMs,

  • Sharing user-generated content on your website,

  • Answering customer queries and feedbacks,

  • And always staying active on the social media platform.


Social media marketing is a cost-effective way of marketing your business, product, or service. Sure, it does take considerable time and effort but the results are often long-term and relatively steady.

Managing your social media accounts with automation software allows you to manage multiple platforms using a single interface. You can use the social media management software for free with the trial credits.

Let us know what you think of today’s blog in the comments section below and if you have a point to add to the above tips, feel free to write it in the comments for other readers to know. You can also check out our blog for more topics like this or share this with your peers by clicking on one of the share buttons down below.

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