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Social Media Marketing on Twitch: How Can You Reach Your Audience Via Live-Streams?

Social Media Marketing on Twitch: How Can You Reach Your Audience Via Live-Streams?

Admin 01-04-2021

As the spread of social media increases, users are found to be interacting on social media more than in real life. On different platforms, the way of engagement is different for every user.

People engaging on Facebook may not interact with each other the same way as they may do on YouTube or Instagram. So with each different platform, brands and businesses also have to create different social media strategies for engaging with their audiences on different platforms.

In recent years, a live-streaming platform, Twitch has become a place where many businesses and brands have slowly started to engage with their target audience. Although, social media marketing on Twitch may not be similar to promoting your brand, product, or service on any other social media platform.

In this blog, we will see how brands and businesses can leverage the social media platform Twitch to reach their new group of target audiences.

Why brands and businesses are choosing Twitch?

Twitch is a live-streaming platform owned by Amazon with a majority of users from the gaming community. However, users and streamers from different communities like art, music, comics, DIY, etc. have also joined the platform.

With that, what previously was a platform dominated by gamers, game streamers, and game viewers now also has an audience for creative and lifestyle viewers and streamers.

Streamers can live-stream their content while chatting with their followers and viewers. While the platform is largely focused on live-streaming content, the streamers can choose to save it as a Video-On-Demand (VOD) so that the followers who missed the live-stream can watch it later.

These features that Twitch offers allow streamers a platform to engage actively with their viewers. There are many other branded ways that a viewer can engage and support the streamer. Because of this, Twitch has now slowly become a place to connect with the audience while entertaining them and promoting your business.

So, even when Twitch is still new to brand social media marketing, many brands like Wendy’s, KFC, Kellogg’s, etc. have already joined the Twitch bandwagon.

How can your brand use Twitch to reach its audience?

Twitch is currently one of the most popular live-streaming platforms with over 140 million monthly active users. With a reach that large, it also offers multiple ways to promote your brand or business. These ways include a wide array of formats from live-streaming yourself as a brand to paid Twitch advertising in different formats.

Let us look at how you can use Twitch to promote your brand in different ways.

Creating your own streaming account

Many brands have already created their own Twitch account through which they can live-stream their content for their audiences to watch. The best example of this is Wendy’s that streams popular games like Minecraft and Fortnite to connect with their younger audience.

Apart from that, as a brand, you can get creative with what you want to stream and show to your audience. For example, if you are a fitness nutrition brand, you can make live-streams of “How-To” videos on different exercises and healthy recipes. There are many brands like Crunchyroll, that host live events using Twitch live-streaming. Similarly, based on the nature of your brand and business, you can create a live-stream on different topics.

If you want, you can create your Twitch channel completely for the CSR activities. This way, you will be able to gather funds for a social cause all the while engaging with your target audience.

Influencer marketing

Twitch is a huge platform for influencers from different fields and industries including gaming, music, comics, and more. Influencer marketing on Twitch is one of the smartest ways to promote your brand or product if you are not active on Twitch but still want to leverage its audience.

Based on your industry, you must research active streamers on Twitch that has followership consisting of your target audience. Instead of looking at the number of followers, what you need to ensure the amount of engagement on the streamer’s videos and live-streams. However, that does not mean that you should disregard a high follower count either.

There are many ways to promote your brand through influence marketing on Twitch, for example, you can collaborate with the influencer to strategically position your brand, service, or product in the live-stream so that it does not look like it is forced in it to be advertised.

The Twitch content creators are used to live-streaming and will help you to promote your brand in a way that’s entertaining to their audience while compelling their viewers to remember it.

Or else, you can sponsor the stream.

Invest in Twitch advertising

Paid advertisement is a part of almost every social media platform that reaches millions of people at a time. Twitch also offers paid advertisements for brands and businesses to promote themselves on the live-streaming platform.

There are multiple ad slots to showcase and promote your brand on Twitch social media platform. It includes:

                 1. Homepage Carousel ads:Ads that appear on the homepage carousel.

                 2. Homepage Headliner ads:A static homepage header ad.

                 3. Medium Rectangle ads:Ads in between the explore carousel.

                 4. Super Leaderboard ads:Explore page header ad.

                 5. Twitch Premium Video ads:Video ads played in between the live-stream.

With these ad formats, you can choose where you want your advertisement to be visible on the platform.

If you plan to invest in paid advertisements, we will recommend you consult a digital marketing professional to make sure that you get the most out of your paid advertising campaign.


How do I promote my Twitch on Social media?

When it is live-streaming, you know you are about to put out exclusive content. Make sure that you promote this exclusivity on your other social media platforms. Let your audience know what extra value they will get by watching your live-stream on Twitch.

You can also share engaging clips from your Twitch on social media and never forget to put a link wherever you are promoting your Twitch content on other social media platforms.

Furthermore, you can simply ask your audience to check out your Twitch for more content from you. The audience that finds your content interesting on other social media platforms will definitely put that extra effort to find you on Twitch.

Can you advertise on Twitch?

Yes. Twitch offers multiple formats to advertise your brand or product on the live-streaming platform.

How much does it cost to run ads on Twitch?

Twitch allows you to run ads at cost per impression (CPM) depending on various factors like concurrent views, location, and viewer demographics.

Over to you…

Twitch is a social media platform where popular creators and streamers create their own community of followers, fans, subscribers, and sponsors. It is a platform with the majority of its demographics being either millennials or Gen Z. And so, brands whose target audiences fall in that group will benefit from it the most.

That being said, Twitch is a platform with enormous potential for brands and businesses to engage with their customers creatively and casually all while entertaining your audience and cultivating stronger relationships with them.

If you are unsure of it, you can outsource a digital marketing agency that will help you understand the platform and promote your brand on it in the most efficient way to help you get your desired results.

Let us know what you think of Twitch as a platform for brands to promote themselves and engage with their audiences. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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