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Should You Use Telegram to Replace Other Smart Messaging Applications?

Should You Use Telegram to Replace Other Smart Messaging Applications?

Admin 26-03-2021

When it comes to using messaging or any other kind of application that stores user data, people tend to choose the one that gives maximum features while storing minimal of their personal information.

So, when WhatsApp decided to tweak its privacy policy in February 2021, many people jumped over to the other smart messaging application called Telegram. It was during that time that Telegram had hit its all-time high of 500 million monthly users across the world.

Amidst the concerns regarding their privacy, many people seemed to trust Telegram more than any other smart messaging application. But should you really use Telegram to replace other smart messaging applications?

In this blog, we will look at what is Telegram and how it is different from other smart messaging applications, and whether or not you should be replacing your current messaging app with Telegram.

What is Telegram?

Even before the WhatsApp privacy policy changes, Telegram had around 400 million users worldwide. This goes on to tell, that many of you may already know about Telegram.

Telegram was found in 2013 by two Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov with its functional headquarters in Dubai. The duo is the one who developed Russian social media VK.

Similar to WhatsApp and Viber, Telegram is an instant messaging platform that uses an internet connection to send and receive messages. However, Telegram has its own USPs that set it apart from its competitors.

What does Telegram have to offer?

Telegram claims to be one of the most secure messaging applications. Apart from that, it offers a huge 2GB single uploading limit whereas the number of uploads remains unlimited.

It allows its users to create groups with as many as 200,000 members and channels with unlimited members. The admin or creator of the channel can decide on users who can post in the channel while the other members can only view and download the content and files posted or uploaded on the channel.

With the donations from Pavel Durov, Telegram is completely free for its users as of now. That being said, let us see the pros and cons of Telegram that will help you to decide whether you should replace your current smart messaging application with Telegram or not.

PROS of using Telegram

#1: No limit to uploads

With a file upload size as huge as 2 GB, you can send pretty much any file using Telegram. It is not limited to uploading only images, videos, audio, and document files. Telegram allows you to upload any file as long as it is under the upload limit. The data is stored on the cloud which allows you to access it from any device you use.

#2: Group limit is 200,000

As compared to WhatsApp, whose group member limit is 256 members, Telegram allows you to add a whopping 200,000 people into a group. The number goes on to be unlimited if you are creating a channel. However, the creator of the channel can make restrictions on who posts in the channel.

#3: Image compression

You get an option to compress the image while sending it through Telegram. If the user chooses to compress the image, it will be sent to the receiver in its compressed form. Or if you want, you can send the large uncompressed file so that it retains its quality.

#4: Secret Chat

This option of Telegram is End-to-End encrypted which means that no one other than the sender and the receiver can see the contents of the message. It also offers a self-destruct option for messages, that allows you to choose the time for which the message will be visible to the receiver. After that time, it will be deleted automatically from the sender as well as the receiver’s phone. Moreover, users cannot forward or screenshot a secret chat message.

#5: Compatible with multiple platforms

Telegram can be used on multiple platforms simultaneously. These platforms include Android, Windows (phone & PC), iOS, Mac, and Linux. It seamlessly syncs your sessions on different platforms including your draft messages.

So if you typed a message on your computer and forgot to send it, you can still send it through your phone without having to retype it.

CONS of using Telegram

#1: End-to-End encryption not for all formats

Not all your messages are E2E encrypted. The encryption is limited to secret chats and voice calls only. This means that none of your normal messages, group messages, or posts on channels are encrypted for data security.

As compared to Telegram, WhatsApp’s all communication is end-to-end encrypted this means none of the messages that you send to your friends and family will be read by any other person, group, or organization.

#2: There is no censoring for harmful data

The discussion on the spread of fake news and rumors is still somewhat fresh for many. In such a situation, Telegram has not taken any steps to stop potentially harmful content like piracy.

An article by VICE also suggests that Telegram tolerates Nazis and other similar harmful ideologies and cults.

#3: Telegram also collects your data

While a lot of people jumped to Telegram because WhatsApp’s new privacy policy suggested that the user data will be collected and shared with Facebook and its subsidiaries, not many people know that even Telegram collects and stores your data.

This data includes your phone number, contacts, IP address, location, and similar other metadata.


Should I switch to Telegram?

It depends upon what your needs are, you are a person who has a lot to share with your friends without compromising the details, then Telegram is a better choice than most other smart messaging apps.

However, if you are happy within small groups and don’t want to keep switching between encrypted messaging and normal messaging then apps like WhatsApp and Signal would be better since Telegram offers E2E encryption only in secret chats.

Is Telegram the most secure messaging application?

No messaging application is completely secure. However, Telegram is offering $300,000 to anyone who successfully deciphers the messages sent via Telegram. We are still not sure if there is a catch somewhere in it or not.

How can I secure my Telegram?

Telegram does not offer you E2E encryption by default and also tracks and stores your data like IP address. If you strictly want to secure your messages on Telegram, then using a VPN along with the secret chat feature may help. Don’t take our word for it though, as we said earlier, no smart messaging app is completely secure.

Over to you…

With these pros and cons, you can now make an informed decision on whether you should be replacing your current smart messaging application with Telegram or not.

That being said, if you are a marketer or a businessman, you need to know that many businesses use multiple smart messengers to reach a wider audience. With a messenger subscription and chatbot compatible with all the major smart messaging applications, you can provide excellent service to your customers using your smart messaging application, whether it is Telegram or any other messenger.

If you haven’t used it yet, then you try the messenger solution for free with the trial credits to know how it simplifies your communication with your customers and increases your business while allowing you to connect more closely with your customers.

Will you replace your messaging application with Telegram, or will you continue using your current one? Or will you download and use both smart messaging applications to get the benefits of both?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to share this blog with your friend that uses Telegram, or the friend who is against using Telegram.

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