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Major Reasons Why Businesses Turned From Traditional to Digital Marketing

Major Reasons Why Businesses Turned From Traditional to Digital Marketing

Admin 17-06-2021

Way before the pandemic had locked everyone all in their houses, people had already become captivated with the technology around them. More and more people had started spending most of their time in front of their phone screens. So much so that they might pass a billboard and would not notice a giant clown staring from within it.

It is safe to assume that digital marketing has now become a giant marketing hub for every business, big and small. That being said, many marketers are of the thought that traditional marketing is a sinking ship.

There are many reasons why many would believe that traditional marketing may not be as effective as it may have been in the past. These reasons come from the vast differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing. And that is why many businesses are inclining more towards digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing.

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the major reasons for which businesses are transitioning from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

Technological advancement

One of the main reasons is that people are spending less time reading newspapers, watching television, and viewing hoardings or billboards. All of this has been bundled up and transported into a tiny device for faster and easier access - the smartphone.

People are now used to getting their daily news from websites that have narratives and opinions that are in line with what they believe in, unlike the newspaper where they cannot choose the narrative fed to them. They play their songs online through streaming applications that are not affected by bad frequency, the way radio does. And they receive ads that are relevant to them, unlike television channels that broadcast all kinds of advertisements, irrelevant to the audiences.

To say it in short, online digital channels have personalized the content it offers to every individual. And this personalization has led people to choose online digital channels over traditional media platforms like radio, TV, or newspapers.

These traditional platforms were the places where marketers were able to place their ads and hoped to reach their audience. But, with audiences shifting to online digital platforms, marketers also turned to online digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is cost-effective

As compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing allows you to promote your brand, product, or service at very lower costs. You can use several platforms like social media to interact with your customers for free. It only charges for the ads you run on the platform.

Moreover, it also gives you a higher return on investment (ROI) with lesser cost per lead. In fact, after implementing a complete digital marketing strategy, 82% of businesses gained higher ROI.

With digital marketing, even if your budget is limited, you can get maximum returns. Unlike that, traditional marketing is expensive and does not give you an ROI as high as digital marketing.

It reaches a larger audience

The reach of digital marketing is much higher than any traditional media platform. There are 1.7 billion TV households in the world, radio accounts for 3 billion listeners worldwide out of which 76% of listeners access radio through their mobile phones, whereas there are more than 4 billion users of the internet.

Other than that, televisions, radio, or newspapers have a very limited reach. Newspaper and radio are local or regional, and TV is broadcasted in a single country. However, with the internet, you can publish your content across the world. So you may have a whole of 4 billion audiences viewing your marketing content or advertisement.

This is yet another reason why marketers are shifting towards digital marketing as compared to traditional ways of marketing.

Digital marketing allows improved customer targeting

Digital marketing channels are way more specific than traditional media. Suppose if you have to run an ad on social media, you can choose who your ad targets, right from their physical location, gender, age-group, interests to similar other variables.

This filtering of potential targets cannot be made with traditional marketing channels. Television, radio, billboards, newspaper, or pamphlets can only allow you to select the region you want to target. And then you sit back and hope that it reaches your targeted customers as well.

Digital marketing removes this guesswork and helps you to be sure about whom your ad is targeting. It, not just limits the ad display to only the targeted audience but also increases your chances of getting more quality leads.

It encourages customer engagement

Digital marketing platforms are open to everyone. Anyone from a teenager to an elder, from a student to an industry professional, everyone uses popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

When your business comes up on these platforms, you can post interesting content related to your industry to encourage customers to engage with your brand. It helps you to establish yourself as an industry expert and builds trust among your audiences.

This is not possible with television or any other traditional media platform. The traditional media platforms only allow one-way communication whereas digital online platforms allow the consumers to take part in the conversation as well.

When the customers interact with your brand or business, it makes your business more human and easily approachable for your customers. Simultaneously, it also builds brand loyalty in the consumer’s mind which will make them come back to your brand for more.


There are many differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing. The traditional media is limited in its reach, engagement, and targeting. Online digital media overcomes all these limitations and provides more with fewer investments.

It allows you to display your advertisement to your target audience only, engage with your customers, and provide them personalized services to get better leads, higher conversion rates, and increased ROI.

To be successful, you must ensure a clever digital marketing strategy that includes smart use of the content, targeting and retargeting, and measuring your results. It may sound overwhelming if you are just starting with digital marketing. You can always outsource the help from the best digital marketing agencies that can help you plan your result-oriented marketing strategy.

Are you still marketing your business on the traditional marketing channels? Or have you long switched to digital marketing? Or maybe you are going for a mixture of both? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out our blog to find out more topics like this.

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