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5 Easy Ways You Can Use Instagram to Boost Your Business Online

5 Easy Ways You Can Use Instagram to Boost Your Business Online

Admin 10-11-2020

Whether you are a small growing business or a large, established firm, social media platforms have a way of bringing your business closer to your consumers by the means of their smartphones.

Social media platforms are one of the most popular forms of media among consumers. More than 90% of smartphone users that have an active internet connection use social media platforms regularly.

Over the last decade, however, one social media networking platform that has gained rapid popularity is Instagram. Since its advent in 2010, Instagram currently has over 1 billion users worldwide. In fact, Instagram showed so much potential with the users that within only 2 years of its release, social media giant bought Instagram for $1billion in the year 2012.

From there on, Instagram has become a hub for visual-loving users from all around the world. It has become a perfect place to promote their brand and products for all the marketers and businesses. Using Instagram for social media marketing {link to understanding social media marketing} is not an option anymore, it is a necessity.

So, if you are business new to Instagram or someone who has been using it for a long time, there is one thing you must know. The ways to market your brand on Instagram, or any other social media platforms for that matter, keep evolving with the social media trends {link to understanding social media marketing trends blog} almost every year.

We are going to use this blog to discuss some of the easy ways that you can use Instagram to boost your business. But before that, let’s see how Instagram works!

Instagram: Beginner’s guide to set-up your business account

Instagram started as an image sharing application that users could access through their smartphones. After a decade later, it still is essentially a visual platform to share images and videos but with some added features that enhance its experience and allow the user to share their visual content through different means like Post, Story, IGTV, and Reels.

For marketers and businesses, Instagram allows the Instagram Business accounts that allow businesses to access features that can be helpful to further their business on the application. Some of these features include Instagram Insights (much like Facebook Insights), schedule posting, tracking and managing sponsored ads and promoted posts, contact information links, and many more.

All you need to do is set-up your business’s Instagram profile in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Set your @username similar to your business’s name.

So for example, your business is “Harry’s Bakery”, your @username could something like: @harrysbakery, @harrys_bakery, or @hrys_bkry. You can choose to create your own and select the ones that are available for the taking.

Step 2: Put a recognizable profile picture.

Your profile picture is also your brand’s identity on Instagram. This small icon-sized thumbnail should be easily recognizable to your followers and consumers. If you have a professional logo of your brand, then it is wise to use that logo itself as a profile picture for your business account.

Step 3: Write an interesting bio that tells your consumer about your brand.

Bio is the small description of your brand that shows up at the top, right under your profile picture, when someone checks your profile on Instagram. Now, remember that Instagram is not your regular marketing space, so make sure that the bio you write is a little quirky and shows off your brand’s nature, and resonates well with your consumers. You can keep changing your bio to promote your latest marketing campaign.

Step 4: Add a link in your bio.

Instagram allows you to put your website link in your bio. You can use this feature to add a link where you want to draw your consumers. Whether it is a sale, a new collection of products, or an event, you can simply add that link to your bio and ask your followers to check it out your posts or stories.

Step 5: Stay consistent and professional

Instagram may be a community that promotes free sharing of your interests and likes but it does not mean that your profile or anything that your post should be anything less than professional. Since it is a business account, it is wise to not change the profile picture or the username frequently unless you decide to do a brand makeover or have a special event that you can promote using your profile picture.

Step 6: Add your contact details

The Instagram business application allows you to add your contact details to your profile from where your consumers can directly contact you from your Instagram profile itself. You can add an email, a phone number, a physical address, or all three so that your customers can contact you directly. Apart from that adding a category label to your account will let your followers and users know whether you are a product/service business, a personal blogger, or a health/beauty business.

Now that your business account is set up, you can start posting content on the account to interact with your audience on the platform. However, to ensure that you are getting the response that you desire on your account, there are different ways to optimize your content so that you get more from your Instagram Business account.

5 Ways to ensure better consumer engagement on Instagram

Instagram is filled with people ready to buy your product or service if only you present it to them in the right way. Now, Instagram may be full of consumers but it is no place to use your regular marketing tactics to attract your audience.

It is safe to say that on Instagram, you do not sell your product or service, instead, you sell a lifestyle attached to that product or service.

Accordingly, the content you post should not sound very “sales-like”. Use Instagram to primarily engage with your consumers and from there bring them to your product page or website. Let’s start with your profile.

Tip 01: Set up a theme for your profile

Most successful Instagram business accounts are very conscious about what they are posting. Having an underlying theme will help you best curate the content to share on your Instagram account.

Take Boston Pollen Florist’s Instagram (@bostonpollen) for example, the theme is floral (Naturally!) but the colors used in every image posted are consistent in their color scheme, filter, and composition. Sure it is a florist’s account, but some pictures have similar color and composition, whether from a place where the installation was done or from somewhere that just reminds of the flowers and its colors.

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