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Increase Your Twitter Followers with These 5 Easy Steps

Increase Your Twitter Followers with These 5 Easy Steps

Admin 26-02-2021

No business or brand in today’s time can afford to refrain from using social media. It not only allows you to connect with your customers more closely but also helps you in increasing your customer base.

Creating a strong social media presence is the main priority of any brand getting services for social media marketing. It allows these brands to build their authority based on their industry among the masses. The increased authority then results in users trusting their brand more and that eventually translates into sales for the brand and an increase in revenue.

However, there are only a handful of social media platforms that most brands use to promote themselves disregarding other lesser-known social media platforms that have a large impact.

Twitter is one of the platforms with more than 330 million monthly active users as of January 2019 (Source: Statista.com). The user base is set to increase in the coming years. Apart from Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is also a platform that offers you a diverse reach with 55% of its users falling within 25-50 years of age.

This micro-blogging social media platform has a huge potential to increase your customer base and establish your business as an authoritative brand among your followers.

But how would you increase your follower base on Twitter? Read further to find out ways to increase your Twitter followers in 5 easy steps.

Step #01: Complete your profile

No one trusts a profile without a proper profile picture or an incomplete bio. So your first step to attract followers is to complete your Twitter profile and make sure that you use the right information to fill in your bio.

The first milestone is your profile picture.

You are representing your business, so choose a professional profile picture accordingly. You can choose to put your picture or your company’s logo as your Twitter profile photo.

The cleaner the picture, the better your followers will be able to recognize your business. You can choose a high-resolution picture of your company logo but the minimum required size is 400x400 pixels. So, it needs to be at least that big for your followers to discern it.

Next comes your bio. This is a short description of your brand or business that aptly explains who you are and what you offer. The way you write it also reflects your brand’s voice. So, make sure that you create an interesting bio.

You can also add hashtags and user tags in your bio. Furthermore, Twitter also offers spaces to add your location and website URL in your bio.

Fill in all this information to allow your potential followers to recognize your brand.

Similarly, you must also choose your Twitter profile cover photo carefully. Apart from your profile picture, your cover photo reflects your brand message. So, create or choose a cover photo that speaks for your brand.

Step #02: Keep your tweets consistent

In terms of your brand voice, as well as your posting frequency.

A consistent brand voice allows your followers to recognize your brand faster. If you still are not sure about your brand voice then, take a look at your target audience and how they interact among themselves.

Knowing how they talk about your brand can also help you in finding your brand voice. For that, you can try using a social listening tool. It allows you to know what your customers are talking about your brand.

The frequency of your tweets must also be consistent. Too many or too few may result in you losing your Twitter followers. The ideal number of tweets is anywhere between 5-15 tweets per day.

Here is what you need to take care of while sharing your posts with your Twitter audience:

       Do not tweet at random times. First, tweet at different times of the day to recognize when your audience is most active during the day and which days of the week. Time your tweets based on your findings to increase the visibility of your tweets among your followers. Use social management software to schedule your tweets to be posted at the time that you decide.

       Ideally, weekdays are more helpful for B2B posts and tweets, whereas, weekends tweets from B2C brands get more interaction. However, that may not always be the case. So, make sure you know when your audience is the most active.

       It is important to know here that rather than posting on textual tweets, try to add more visual content. This way you can stand out from the string of tweets that your followers see every day.

       Similar to any other social media marketing platform, audiences will also follow you on Twitter if they feel that what you have to offer is useful to them. So, make sure that your tweets provide value to your followers.

       Add videos, GIFs, and memes to make your posts more visible and more relatable. Videos are the most interactive form of content online. So, posts with videos are bound to get more engagement as compared to text or image tweets.

The most engagement on any tweet you post may happen in the initial hours of your tweet after which your tweet will be pushed back by newer tweets reducing the engagement rate substantially.

This is why it is important to post more frequently on Twitter as compared to other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Step #03: Use hashtags smartly

Using hashtags is your key to increase your reach on Twitter.

Similar to using hashtags on any other social media platform, hashtags on Twitter help increase your post visibility to your non-followers.

However, you must not use too many hashtags as you may do on Instagram. One or two hashtags added in a way that does not disrupt your post message are enough to increase your post’s discoverability among other users.

Recognize the keywords of your message and find relevant hashtags that reflect your keywords aptly. And then replace your keywords with hashtags. This way you don’t have to add hashtags separately and yet get all the benefits that these hashtags have to offer.

Be mindful of the hashtags that you use in your tweets. They need to be relevant to your industry so that they attract more followers interested in your industry.

A social management software suggests the trending hashtags from your industry that you can use while creating your tweet. It increases the chances of getting genuine followers who are truly interested in what you have to offer as a brand.

Step #04: Engage with others

On any social media platform, the more you engage with your audience as a brand, the more users start trusting you and recognizing your authority.

The same goes with Twitter. Twitter offers you an option to reply, retweet, and quote others’ posts. Interact with your followers and other brands from your industry (not your direct competitors!) to be discovered by new users or their followers.

For example, if you are a restaurant chain tweeting about your most used ice-cream brand, you can simply give a shout-out to that ice-cream brand by tagging their username in your tweet.

If that brand liked your post, then they may also give you a shout back. You can use a social listening tool to increase your engagement as it tells you when someone tagged or mentioned you in their tweets or posts.

When you are tagged in someone else’s tweet then their followers can discover your account. If they like what you post and see how engaging you are, they may follow your profile as well.

Similarly, consider quoting someone’s message instead of retweeting it to create a conversation with them. But make sure that you give genuine replies to these tweets. If the brand likes your content, they may follow you for more brand-to-brand interaction.

(Customers love it when they see a humorous interaction between two brands!)

Moreover, keep an eye on your brand mentions so that you can retweet any user-generated content on Twitter or reply to any query that the user has about your brand. As many as 40% of users prefer Twitter to voice their support queries towards a brand.

Brands that actively respond to customer queries on Twitter are preferred more by users than those who don’t. So, make sure that you are always keen on engaging with your customers and other brands from your industry.

Step #05: Consider running a Twitter follower campaign

A follower campaign focuses on increases your Twitter followers by promoting your profile towards a targeted audience. This ad campaign works on a pay-per-follow model, which means that you pay for every follower you get from the ad you are running.

You can ask your digital marketing service provider to set-up a Twitter paid ad campaign to increase your followers on Twitter. You can keep the promotion running for a day or till you achieve your target.

This is a fast way to increase your reach by paying a small amount of money. You can choose to halt the campaign whenever you want.

Twitter allows you to target your advertisement based on demographics, keywords, interest and follows, custom audiences, and many others. These options allow you to target your audience more precisely for better results.

Review your advert and launch it to start showing up in your target audience’s feed.


Twitter is a platform that focuses more on precise communication between businesses and their audiences and that is why it is a preferred platform for users to interact with the brands for customer support or solving any queries.

It is also a platform where brands often are more humanized than any other time on any other social media platform. This allows audiences to engage with their favorite brands more casually and more closely.

However, to build that kind of camaraderie, you need to increase your Twitter followers.

In this blog, we discussed 5 prominent steps to increase your Twitter followers, and these steps are:

        Complete your profile

        Keep your tweets consistent

        Use hashtags smartly

        Engage with others

        Consider running a Twitter follower campaign

As you may conclude, the focus is on consistency and engagement with your tweets. Social management software helps you master these two aspects of Twitter and other social media platforms with its advanced features like post scheduling, inbox sync, content strategizing, and much more.

You can get your hands on one of the top social management software for free with a trial version. Once you get used to it, you can simply recharge your subscription to keep using it without any commitments.

What other techniques do you use to increase your Twitter followers? Share them with us in the comments below and we will make sure to include them in the next update of this blog. If you liked what you read, consider sharing it with your friends and colleagues. Also, you can check out our other blogs for more interesting topics like these.

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