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How to generate leads with Facebook Ads?

How to generate leads with Facebook Ads?

Admin 10-06-2021

Online advertisements have always been the fastest way to attract audiences. In one of our previous blogs, we discussed paid advertising on Google. However, online advertising is not limited to that. You can advertise your product on social media platforms as well. In fact, more than 6 million businesses use Facebook ads to promote their product and services.

Facebook ads are sponsored posts or adverts that appear on the Facebook newsfeed or the right-side column of the interface. These ads can be highly targeted to the customers based on their interests and the pages they like.

According to Wordstream, Facebook ads can increase Facebook page impressions by 126%. Now that is a huge number!

With the changing algorithms of social media websites, advertising can bring you more traffic as compared to organic reach.

In today’s blog, we will look at how you can generate more leads and grow your business with Facebook ads.

Why you should advertise on Facebook?

Like we have already mentioned, Facebook is a platform with one of the largest number of daily active users. With that much potential to interact with your customers, most businesses use it regularly to promote their brand, product, or service.

But the Facebook algorithm allows limited organic reach for businesses. When you run an advertisement on Facebook, your reach increases according to your target audience and you are able to achieve your goals faster.

Here are some other reasons to advertise on Facebook:

        1. It is cheaper than your traditional advertisement.

        2. It allows advanced targeting.

        3. It has a higher reach than traditional media.

        4. It is measurable.

        5. It helps in better retargeting.

        6. It increases your webpage or blog traffic.

All these reasons are especially advantageous to small and medium businesses. However, even larger enterprises also advertise on Facebook to grow its audience and drive more sales and revenue. To start promoting your business through Facebook ads, you need to create a compelling advertisement.

Creating a Facebook Ad

To start, you need to create a Facebook ad. To do that, you can go to facebook.com/ads or click on one of the “Promote” links on your Facebook page. That will take you to the Facebook ads manager page.

Facebook will show 15 different objectives to choose from for your ad campaign based on what you are aiming to achieve. Select your objective and start defining your audience.

You can target your audience based on their age, location, gender, interests, languages they speak, the pages they like, and similar other metrics. You can also choose to retarget audiences who have already shown interest in your brand or business.

Once you have selected the criteria for your target audience, you can then upload your image or video with an attractive copy that’s not too long.

Facebook allows you to choose from different ad formats such as single image, single video, carousel, and canvas. Accordingly, you can create an advertisement with a single image, single video, add multiple scrollable images or videos, or you can combine images and videos in canvas.

After you have uploaded your image or video, select the placement of your ad. You can place your ad in the newsfeed and the upper-right corner of the website and the newsfeed of the mobile application.

That’s the gist of creating a Facebook ad, however, you cannot share just any content as an advertisement on Facebook. It has to be attractive, catchy, and engaging. Only then you can reach your promotion goals.

Generating high-quality leads on Facebook Ad

Facebook advertisement helps in increasing brand awareness, inducing favorable customer behavior, and getting higher conversion rates. One of the main benefits of using Facebook ads is its ability lead generation. Here’s how you too can generate high quality leads with Facebook ads.

Create targeted ad copy

To hold your audience’s attention, your ad content for social media needs to be clever. Sure your ad copy needs to be attractive to the customers but it can also attract those who may not qualify as a lead. To reduce the amount of such cold or unqualified leads, it is better to add a context to your message.

For example, if you are targeting higher income audience or that your product and service price is high, you can clearly mention your price so that you can avoid the cold leads. Furthermore, to maintain a quality email list with genuine emails, it is better to do a double opt-in list so that you can avoid adding fake or invalid email addresses to your email list.

Ask the right questions

To get the most out of your Facebook ad campaign, you need to ask the right questions first. Instead of asking the ice-breaker questions first, directly come to the point.

The pre-populated forms on Facebook fills in most of the information for the user so that they only need to answer the core questions. Therefore, you can directly jump into the most important questions. Also, keep the questions, along with the form, short and precise. People are less likely to fill the form if they find longer questions or forms. With shorter questions users can read and answer the questions faster and so they are more likely to finish and submit the form.

Create lookalike audience

Lookalike audience is the audience with similar interests to that of your audience but is not aware or has missed your business. Facebook allows you to create a lookalike audience so that you can target a more optimized audience.

With lookalike audiences, you can target audience that majorly shows similar behavior to your interested audience. It helps you to get more quality leads and increases conversion rates.

Integrate generated leads in your CRM

Facebook allows you sync newly generated leads directly with your business CRM system so that you can start taking action immediately. Once you integrate your Facebook business with your CRM, you will not have to upload or download large CSV files.

As you collect more leads through Facebook ad, the data will be automatically added to your CRM system. With that data, your sales and marketing team can start sending communication.


Facebook is a virtual space with numerous possibilities for small to large businesses and brands. If you haven’t started advertising on Facebook, it is now time to check that off of your list. Facebook ads start at only $1 a day. It means larger returns with smaller investments.

Facebook allows you to optimize your ad while it is running so if you are dissatisfied with the results, you can still tweak it to your liking and improve your results. That did not happen with traditional TV, radio, or newspaper advertising, did it?

We know it can be a little overwhelming to start advertising on Facebook when you are new to it. Thankfully, you do not have to do it alone. You can outsource digital marketing experts to help your business achieve your Facebook ad goals. They can help you by providing a deeper understanding of how you can pitch your product or service to your customers on Facebook and even create a complete Facebook marketing strategy to help you achieve your desired results. You receive free credits to try out their service after which, if you like them, you can continue working with them.

Have you started a Facebook ad campaign yet? Let us know in the comments section below and check out our blog to find more topics like these.

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