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How to Choose the Correct Influencer to Promote Your Brand Among Audiences

How to Choose the Correct Influencer to Promote Your Brand Among Audiences

Admin 22-06-2021

Promoting your brand on social media is not as easy as it may seem from the outside. It needs constant monitoring and engagement with the audience to stay relevant in the competition.

The initial stages might just be the hardest because you need to make your audience trust you enough to follow and engage with your content. While valuable information and entertaining posts may help you out to some extent, there is nothing that tops the recommendation of someone who your audience trusts and follows on social media.

These social media experts are called influencers and the technique to promote your brand, product, or service with the help of these influencers is known as influencer marketing.

While brand social media marketing is necessary, partnering with the right influencers helps you reach a larger audience that is already interested in what you have to offer. The key is choosing the right influencer.

So, how do you choose them? Keep reading to find out.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Brands and businesses often collaborate with social media influencers who have a strong influence on their target audience. Within this collaboration, brands or businesses may want the influencers to promote their product/service in return for money or the brand’s product.

However, brands may often want influencers to give an honest review of their product/service to show other users their genuineness and quality.

This collaboration is called influencer marketing.

Influencers are those people who create engaging content on a specific subject or topic and build trust for themselves among their followers with their expertise on the topic and interaction with the audience.

If you too are an aspiring influencer, this guide on influencer marketing may help you with some important tips.

That being said, brands need to be careful while choosing to collaborate with an influencer to ensure that you get the desired result from the collaboration. Here are certain criteria to keep in mind while choosing an influencer to collaborate with for promoting your brand.

Relevance with your product

Realize what you want to achieve from this collaboration. Do you want to increase your followers? Generate leads? Increase page visits? Spread awareness about your brand? Or want to attract more customers?

Based on your goal and your industry, look for influencers that primarily create content for that industry. You may want to ensure which of your audience you are targeting here.

For example, if you are a tire maker, you will have a range of audiences from adventure seekers who live for the roads to transport departments that run heavy motor vehicles to transport goods.

The influencer you are collaborating with if you want to target the adventure seekers would be different from those who buy tires for business. So, ensure that the content you see on the influencer’s profile matches your goal to reach the right audience.

While checking the content relevance, you may also want to check their visual presentation and the quality of the content. See if it matches your brand’s standards.

Audience quality

A lot of times the influencer has a lot of followers but not all that follow are there for the content or are interested in the topic of the content. For example, if a beauty blogger puts up images of her style and outfit with a scenic background, some of her followers may just follow her for the natural scenery in the background (similar to a travel blogger).

You need to see the percentage of people interested in fashion if yours is a clothing brand. Similarly, you must also ensure that the audience that follows the influencer matches your target audience. Otherwise, your collaboration efforts will all go in vain.

Engagement and interaction

While searching for the right influencer for your brand, you may come across profiles with a lot of followers but absolutely minimal to no engagement or even content for that matter.

Such users are a red flag to your campaign. A real influencer will have quality content on which their followers may show their appreciation through likes, comments, and shares. To understand their engagement ratio, it is important that you compare the likes and comments they receive on each post with their number of followers.

If the number of followers is too high compared to the average engagement on each post, then the followers could be bots who have nothing to do with real people. Collaborating with such information will only result in losing your money.

So, make sure that the influencers you collaborate with do have real followers that engage with their posts.

Furthermore, you also need to check how the influencer interacts with their followers. Do they reply to the comments? How soon do they reply to the comments on each post? Is the language they use to interact compatible with your brand voice?

If you find that the answer to these questions is positive, then go ahead with the further steps of collaboration.

Affinity with your values

Imagine if your brand sells fast food and you choose to collaborate with an influencer that promotes healthy living with organic food. The picture doesn’t fit right, does it?

So, you need to make sure that you do a history check on the influencer to see their inclinations and values. You also need to ensure that the influencer hasn’t made any claim or opinion in the past that contradicts your brand or its values.

To verify that, go through their content on all social media accounts. After all, no MacDonald’s would want to collaborate with an influencer that likes Burger King.

Post sharing frequency

So, you have collaborated with an influencer but what happens if the influencer only shares posts once in a blue moon? Your product or service may not get promoted within the required time.

Hence you need to check how frequently the influencer posts on their various social media accounts.

Any active influencer will share some posts every 1-3 days and even between the gap they will keep their audience posted about what is happening through something less permanent than a post, like a story.

While going through their content, you will also be able to gauge their storytelling abilities. It is the authenticity of the influencer that, more often than not, grips the attention of their audiences.

Also, see how frequently the influencer shares sponsored posts. Too many and the audience may lose their trust in that influencer.


What to consider while choosing influencers?

As we mentioned in this blog, there are several things that you need to ensure and verify about the influencer before collaborating with them to promote your brand. These things are:

  • Relevance with your product
  • Audience quality
  • Engagement and interaction
  • Affinity with your values
  • Post sharing frequency

Once you see that all these things are in your favor, you should go ahead with the collaboration.

What are the important parameters for influencers?

There are certain metrics with which you can measure your influencer marketing campaign. These are:

  • Lead generations
  • Conversion rates
  • Brand reach and awareness
  • Customer and audience growth
  • Engagement rates

You can measure the increase or decrease in these metrics to see how successful your influencer marketing campaign was.

How do you measure influencer performance?

Based on your campaign goals, you can set the above KPIs to measure the influencer performance for your brand. A set percentage increase in the above metrics will suggest that your campaign is successful.


Influencers are people with widespread influence on other social media users. People trust these influencers for their authenticity and engagement with their audiences.

However, only collaborating with the influencers to promote your brand on social media is not enough. People who see your product on their favorite influencer’s profile may want to check your page or account on social media platforms.

At such times, you need to make sure that your brand account shows what you do in the most engaging and interesting manner, this is where your social media strategy and social media management software will be helpful to manage your social media presence.

If you haven’t yet used it for your business’s social media management, then it is high time that you start a free trial of social media management software for your brand. When your brand account is strong, you can convince social media users to engage with you through your own social media marketing or influencer marketing.

Have you collaborated with an influencer before for your brand promotion? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below. And if you think that the information here may help someone you know, be sure to share this blog with them using the sharing links at the bottom.

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