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How Social Media Became a Digital Marketing Hub? Learn Here

How Social Media Became a Digital Marketing Hub? Learn Here

Admin 16-12-2020

Any form of marketing that uses digital channels can be considered as digital marketing. However, since the advent of the internet, mostly online channels are popularly referred to as digital marketing channels.

Advertising your product on different websites started in the late 1994s to sell spaces to businesses so that they can advertise their product or service. Later in October 2000, Google released AdWords, now known as Google Ads. Since then, businesses have started advertising their brands on various platforms online. One of these platforms is the social media networking sites.

Social networking websites started as a medium to communicate with friends, classmates, family, and acquaintances. With time it has evolved into a place ideal for digital marketing campaigns.

There are many reasons to call it an ideal platform for digital marketing. Those reasons are why social media has become a hub for digital marketing.

Businesses should be where the people are

For a long time, marketers have promoted their businesses on passive platforms like television, print, or even online display ads where the most they can expect is for consumers to visit their landing page.

When social media websites like MySpace arrived, it presented them with a stage to interact with their consumers. The consumers too found it convenient to be able to talk to the brands directly and ask their queries on a platform where it was easier to get a reply.

Moreover, social media websites needed nothing more than just sharing a post, and writing good marketing copy as a caption for it to be reached across a wider audience. The sheer number of users of various social media websites like MySpace and Orkut provided the businesses with a wider reach.

With the advent of Facebook, businesses on social media were able to separate themselves from regular accounts. Social media websites were continuously upgraded to allow businesses and brands to interact with their customers and advertise their products. Of course, now it will not be as easy as sharing a post and writing a caption to attract audiences to your product or website.

Two-way communication instead of one-way

This is probably the most helpful benefit that social media websites offer to any business. Customers are no longer impressed by the one-way advertisement that does not allow them to get involved in it. They need a more personalized connection with the brand.

That is where social media networks are better than other forms of marketing or advertising. Whether they are reading a post on Facebook, viewing an image on Instagram, or watching a video on YouTube, they can interact with the brand through comments, likes, and shares.

They can also send messages to the brands or businesses to enquire about the post, product, or service. This two-way communication between the brand and its consumers builds brand trust and increases brand reputation. It also helps brands in increasing brand recognition. When they feel like making a purchase, they would remember your brand and may end up buying from you.

Since the conversation is flowing two-ways, it also becomes easier for customers to create user-generated content for the brand or business that they like. This is one of the best marketing a brand can ever get. Because other users are promoting your brand on their profiles which increases brand loyalty and attracts even more customers to your brand.

Cost-effective is the way for marketing

Social media marketing is cost-effective. As compared to most other traditional marketing methods, marketing your business on social media is way cheaper but provides an immensely wider reach.

For the most part, it is practically free unless you wish to advertise on social media. The main purpose of social media, however, remains free. You can interact with your customers and build strong brand-consumer relationships without spending anything more than your time. Of course, you have to do it cleverly.

Social media websites like Instagram offer you so many different ways to interact with your consumers without spending millions on it. Small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets can benefit so much from it.

It allows them to reach a much larger audience without increasing their marketing budget.

Measurable results are good results

It is easy to know the reach of your post and the engagement it grabbed through social media. It helps you to understand your audience better, analyze the trends, and predict the market with the results you obtain.

It also helps you create a working digital marketing strategy to make sure that your business keeps growing through the years. Your followers, likes, comments, views, and shares show you how much your brand has interacted with your customers. You can use this interaction to generate leads by drawing them to your website. From there on you can convince them to purchase your product or service.

Measurable results also help you in scaling your growth so that you can set up a higher goal for the future.


Social media marketing is fast, easy, and highly rewarding. It has the highest amount of users worldwide (more than 3 billion of them). All these benefits make social media a perfect platform for marketing your business, whether large or small.

It is the best way to personalize the consumer-brand connection and interact directly with your audience without any middlemen. It increases brand loyalty and consumer retention.

So, how do you use your social media to grow your business? Let us know in the comments section below.

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