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Facebook Marketplace: How to use it best for your business?

Facebook Marketplace: How to use it best for your business?

Admin 02-07-2021

Facebook is a social media giant that keeps on venturing new possibilities to expand the platform so that people can use it for things that may require social interaction. In 2016, it introduced Facebook Marketplace in the US. From there on, it is now being used in more than 90 countries across the world (source: Facebook).

The platform is now used as a place to buy and sell things online. Individual users and businesses both can sell their products on the platform whether new or second-hand. Digital marketers think this is the perfect place for businesses to communicate with potential buyers and build long-lasting relationships with customers.

In this blog, we will see how you can use Facebook Marketplace for your local business and cultivate better brand-customer relationships. So, keep reading and if you find this information useful, consider sharing it with your friends and peers using the social media share buttons at the bottom.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a platform similar to eBay or OLX where users can sell or buy things to and from other users. Users do not need any additional account to sell their products or buy one from the marketplace. They can use their personal or business accounts to access the marketplace whenever they want. Sellers need to be 18 years or older to be able to sell products on Facebook.

When you log in to your Facebook account, you can access the marketplace by clicking on the storefront icon in the left sidebar menu. You can find that icon on the top in android and at the bottom in the iOS applications of Facebook.

From here, you can find different categories for products. If you are a buyer, you can choose to explore the product category and subcategory or directly search for it from the search bar.

If you are a seller, then follow these steps:

→ Click on the “Sell something” button.

→ Select listing type from “Item for Sale”, “Vehicle for Sale”, and “House for Rent”.

→ Choose the product category, type what you are selling, enter Price, location, and attach up to 10 photos.

→ Click on “Next” and then “Post”.

Facebook will first approve your listing after which, it will start showing in the marketplace. By default, everyone in your region who uses Facebook can view your product listing. 

How is it useful for local businesses?

Facebook has a user base of more than 2 billion monthly active users, so chances are a heavy chunk of people living in your region already use Facebook. And among them are the people who are familiar with this social marketplace.

The social media platform uses location to showcase products in their region to interested buyers. So, a person in Mumbai, India will find listings from within that region. As mentioned earlier, an individual or business can post a product listing on the Marketplace. This means if you are a local business then you can either post your product listings there or run a marketplace ad.

Yes, businesses can choose to run ads in Facebook Marketplace as a sponsored listing. It uses Facebook’s default targeting so you can be assured that your ad reaches the right audience.

Even without the advertisement, you can still sell your products to the audience on Facebook in your region. And once you have listed and sold a few products on the marketplace you will be able to connect to more new customers and build trust in your store.

Here’s how you can use it best for your business.

1. Do some research

Explore the Marketplace platform and see what kind of products are popular among your target audience. You will see a section “Today’s Picks” where you can see popular deals for today.

If you search your product category, you will also see a page section at the left lower corner on “Popular Related Searches”. You can use these as keywords for your product listings so that you can reach out to your targeted buyers faster.

2. Create your product listing

If you are directly posting on the Marketplace then understand that it is a platform where individual users can also sell their private items whether new or old. So, you can expect some bargaining. That being said, you can add that you are a business in the description or that the prices are non-negotiable.

Make sure that you put all the information about your product in the description. For Example, if you are a furniture store that wants to sell chairs on the marketplace, then you need to add the dimensions, color, chair material, whether it has wheels or not, what is it most suitable for, etc. This description allows your buyer to visualize the product along with its pictures so they make a more informed choice.

If you have a business page then you can choose to normally share your shop link on your business page and advertise on Facebook Marketplace even if you do not have a product listed in it.

3. Be responsive

Facebook’s social marketplace offers four different seller badges that often work as a seal of trust among the buyers on the platform. One of these badges is the “Very Responsive” badge.

This badge is given to sellers that are quick to respond to any potential buyers. The criterion is to reply to your prospective buyers within an hour for at least 80% of your messages.

So, make sure that you reply to your prospects to ensure that you can sell your products to more people.

Pro Tip: It is clever to try and get all the badges as they increase the buyer’s trust in your store and/or seller’s profile on Facebook.”

4. Encourage people to follow your profile or business page

The more followers you get in the marketplace, the more chances you have to keep interacting with your previous buyers to ensure that they buy from you again.

Facebook allows you to add photos of your best reviews to your seller profile on the marketplace. Take a screenshot of the reviews you receive for your marketplace listing, user-generated content from your business page, or a screenshot of good reviews that you have received on your Google My Business Page.

This will also work to improve your buyer’s trust in your store and products and encourage them to make purchases from you.

5. Run Facebook Marketplace Ads

You may have run Facebook advertisements before, running an ad in the Marketplace uses the same Facebook Ads host. To run ads in the Marketplace (whether you use the marketplace or not), simply choose one of the following goals:       

        1. Brand Awareness

        2. Reach

        3. Traffic

        4. Video Views

        5. Lead Generation

        6. Event Responses

        7. Messages

        8. Conversions

        9. Catalog Sales

       10. Store Traffic

Once you have your advertising goal in place, choose your destination, target audience, you can choose lookalike audiences if you want to target people who are already following you or your business page on Facebook.

Choose whether you want the automatic placement or edit placement. Enter your budget, schedule, and click on next to add your advert creatives. Once you have it completed, click on Place Order.


How do I get to the Facebook Marketplace?

On the desktop, you can find Marketplace in the left sidebar menu when you access your Facebook newsfeed. In the Android application, click on the burger menu on the top right and select Marketplace. The same menu can be found at the bottom in iOS.


Selling and buying on Facebook is easier with Marketplace because it is a social media platform that allows buyers and sellers to interact with each other more conveniently on the platform as compared to other sites.

That is why local businesses can make the most out of some simple tactics mentioned above. To summarize, these tactics are:

  1. Do some research

  2. Create your product listing

  3. Be responsive

  4. Encourage people to follow your profile or business page

  5. Run Facebook Marketplace Ads

If you are yet to run your Facebook ad campaign or want some help with it, you can consider hiring a digital marketing agency that can help you set up a flexible ad campaign that helps you achieve your marketing goals faster.

Have you sold any items on Facebook? What would you like to tell our reader about it? Let us know in the comments below and if you liked our blog, be sure to share it with your friends.

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