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Digital Marketing trends you cannot ignore

Digital Marketing trends you cannot ignore

Admin 05-11-2020

It is the last quarter of 2020 and most people spent a major part of the year in the pandemic. This had a huge effect on the economy of almost every country. Even during such time, digital marketing was a medium for businesses to reach their consumers, no matter where they were.

For more than a few years now, digital marketing has become a necessity for every business in each sector to promote your product and services. There is hardly any brand that is doing great without any sort of virtual presence.

The new advances in digital marketing are slowly closing the gaps between the consumer and the brands. This will allow brands to provide instant service to their customers. According to popular stats, around 82% of customers want an immediate response to their query. These trends will help you strategize your future marketing plan.

In this blog, we are going to look at some of the most popular digital marketing trends and how they will help grow your business.

Digital marketing trends to adapt quickly

With new changes in technology, digital marketing techniques keep evolving to better promote your business to your customer and increase conversion rate.

That being said, consumers, especially the younger consumers are used to instant gratification. When we put that in a commercial context, it is the desire to get what you want in the instant when you want it.

Businesses that offer it will thrive while others will have to up their game to reach the level. With that said, let’s get on the list of digital marketing trends that you can adopt to get more customers and a higher conversion rate.

Conversational Marketing

Marketing through messaging applications or conversational marketing is getting much momentum because of how popular they are among the consumers and the target audience.

Around the world, messaging applications like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have more than 1.3 and 2 billion active users respectively. When such a large audience is on these platforms, marketers need to bring new strategies to connect with their target audience on these platforms.

Conversation marketing allows you to have real-time communication with your customers and provide them richer service at a time convenient for them.

Although people still use email and social media, instant messaging apps like WhatsApp have become an intimate part of their lives. This means that it is more comfortable for consumers to interact on their WhatsApp as compared to their emails.

Even for B2B marketing, statistics suggest that the average email opening rate has fallen by 20%. Buyers and consumers are looking for a more personal experience. And conversational marketing provides them just that.

In the future, more businesses will be adopting the WhatsApp Marketing API to connect to their customers. Imagine, booking a flight or a hotel using WhatsApp, or buying your favorite dress and negotiating its price all using WhatsApp. That is the ease customers want, and conversational marketing is the way to provide it to them.

AI & Chatbots

Chatbots are another way to personalize the user experience for your consumers. These are powered by Artificial intelligence to make human-like conversation with the consumers and provide personalized services to them.

The main idea is to chart out all possible queries and their answers to give instant services to your customer without having to man it. The AI-powered chatbots are used to solve more complex queries from the users.

AI-powered chatbots are great to offer better and more personalized services to your customer. There are many reasons why businesses are opting to integrate a chatbot on their website.

·         Instant responses to customer queries

·         Available 24/7 without extra pay

·         Solve customer queries without forcing them to exit chat

·         Answer simple questions and FAQs

However, that is not the end of it. Smarter bots are directly integrated with the messaging application. So, for services like ordering food from a restaurant, customers can simply start a chat with the bot and order their favorite pizza with the toppings that they want and with sides that they prefer.

We can call this another form of conversation marketing only automated.

Voice Search

With smart devices like Alexa and Google Assistant slowly becoming an integral part of people’s lives, voice search is now getting pretty common.

Instead of finding their phone or laptop and typing down the query, consumers are talking to their smart devices. These AI-powered devices are capable of doing different tasks for their owner.

For example, you can place an order for pizza by simply asking your smart device instead of calling or even picking up your phone.

More businesses will have to find a new way to use this technology to boost their business. Like airlines and hotel business can allow their consumers to book a flight or hotel room for their future vacations instantly from the comfort of their couch.

For this to really work for your business, you can optimize your audio content to how people usually speak as compared to how they write.

Image Search

Google’s image search engine Google Lens has brought about a new trend of image search. The image search on Google’s search bar started it. Evolving further, it now allows you to capture an image and find all details specific to it online.

Brands like Myntra have completely automated the image search to let their customers find influencer inspired looks. Customers can either choose a single item from the look or buy all of it.

People want to buy what they like, and more often than not, they like what they see. To be able to buy a product that they are seeing is a facility that visual search offers and people love it. Studies suggest that around 62% of millennials and gen Z consumers are more inclined to use visual search to find the product that they want.

If your business is more about its visuals like a clothing brand, then the visual search is a necessity for you. Optimize your visual search by introducing your inventory to the search engine.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is a practice of engaging with your customers at various digital touchpoints like e-mails, messaging applications, website blogs, and social media.

This is different from multichannel marketing, as multichannel focus on sending a single message through different media like e-mail, apps, and social media.

With omnichannel marketing, you need to keep your communication consistent, clear, and consumer-centric throughout all the channels you choose to interact with your customers.

Omnichannel marketing allows the brand to continue its interaction with consumers regardless of the channel their customer is using. Statistics suggest that customer engagement with omnichannel marketing is 3-times more than that of single-channel marketing.

Brands and businesses will need to be aware of every conversation and where they left off in the last session with their consumer to provide a rich service.


Whether you are a small or a large business, digital marketing is the fastest way to promote your product or service to your consumers. However, in the end, it all boils down to how much ease of access you provide your consumer while interacting with them.

Digital marketing is now evolving towards a more automated era where the response to a query needs to be instantaneous. With your products and fast and facilitative customer service, you will be able to retain your customers, generate more leads and increase the conversion rate for your business.

It is time to take your business to a new level. Get started today to keep up with the ever-changing trends of digital marketing and the growing demands of the consumers to meet them virtually.

Which of these trends are you going to follow first? Will it be conversational marketing? Or Voice search? Or something else?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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