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How to rule different types of content marketing to boost your business

How to rule different types of content marketing to boost your business

Admin 11-12-2020

Content marketing is one of the highly effective weapons to target your customers in the digital marketing arsenal. It is useful for every business, whether small, medium, or large. Content is an inseparable part of any digital marketing campaign.

Even so, many businesses know about or utilize only a few only a couple of content marketing formats. While those formats are important, writing, and using different types of content can help you grab the attention of diverse audiences.

Using different content formats can increase your brand awareness across several platforms. Different platforms work better with different types of content, understanding them is important to optimize the platform for better visibility and reach.

In this blog, we will discuss 5 popular types of content across the web and tell you how you can include them in your content marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and increase customer engagement.

1. Blog

Number one had to be blogging because of its sheer popularity among businesses and marketers. It is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to attract audiences to your website. Blogging makes it easier to add more pages for Google to index and so increases the chances of higher ranking on the search engine result page (SERP).

Blogs are the main component to increase your organic traffic by optimizing your blog content according to the search engine, also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can leverage the content on your blog to rank your website higher which can lead to increased visitors.

The most important thing about blogs is the focus keyword of your blog. What are you writing about? Is it something that your audience is looking for within your industry? If not, then you should probably change it to what your customers are searching for to give them what they want.

You can use a keyword research tool to find keywords related to your field of interest. To find out the latest trends across the globe relating to your keyword, you can use Google Trends. It allows you to see the performance of your targeted keyword over a certain time. It also shows you the locations where it has been the most popular and related topics that are gaining more popularity.

Remember, the main purpose of blogs is to provide value to your visitors to generate leads, build trust, and convert them into your customers. So, it should not sound like a spammy advertisement stretched to fit 900-1500 words.

One good way to write engaging blogs is to address the problems that your audience might be facing and offer them solutions that incorporate using your product or service. Again, it must be genuine rather than sounding like an advertisement.

2. Ebook

An ebook is often long-form content that provides value to its readers. It is used to offer useful information about any set of topics within your industry. This content format is known to be one of the most effective formats for content marketing.

This type of content helps build trust for your business among your consumers. It also helps you establish your brand as a leader in your industry or field.

Ebooks can be as long as 5-15 pages and out of these pages, only 0.5% would be about the business or its advertisement. The motto behind creating an ebook is to build customer relationships.

Writing an ebook can be as simple as taking all your blogs and condensing them within 5000-15,000 words or writing it from scratch, either way, it is a time taking process to make an ebook. However, this is one format that gives you the ROI worth all your efforts.

Many times, marketers use ebooks as gated content to help them generate leads. The possibility of gaining useful information in exchange for emails encourages them to provide their email which you can later use to target them with email marketing. Ebooks help you generate more leads and bring you consumers that are genuinely interested in your industry and are more likely to convert with the right call to action.

3. Video

Videos are the top most consumed form of content across different age groups and by the year 2020, it only increased further. Videos are also the most engaging type of content format with almost 55% of people say that they consume video content thoroughly as compared to other content formats.

Videos are great for small, medium, and large businesses as they bring higher consumer engagement with your brand. But creating a quality video can take up a lot of time and resources and yet in the end it will all be worth it.

Choose the topic that can be relevant for a long time and create a good quality video on that topic. That one video, if created right, has the potential to attract audiences for a long time after it is published.

So, while creating a video make sure that your focus is on the content as well as the quality of your video, instead of the quantities, to get maximum results. If the content is amazing but the video production and execution is not on par, then viewers may lose interest in what you want to promote through your video.

If your focus is on creating a minimum number of videos, then it might be helpful to create longer videos to increase engagement. Publish them on popular video sharing platforms like YouTube and embed the link to your website. This way, it will also increase their time spent on your website, hence increasing your ranking on the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Create promotional videos of your product or service, informational videos on how your consumers can use your products/services to overcome their problems, how-to videos, DIY videos, review videos, unboxing videos, etc.

These are the types of videos that consumers usually see before purchasing a product or service. So we can say that videos have a huge impact on consumers’ buying decisions. And that is one more reason for you to invest in video content creation.

4. Podcast

A podcast is yet another form of content that consumers are interested in. It is easily available and can be consumed while performing other tasks as well. For businesses as well, it is easy to create and publish a podcast on various platforms across the internet.

The best thing about podcasts is that the content created to make them is usually conversational which allows your audience to feel like they are a part of it. And you can easily turn your most popular blogs into a podcast to target a completely new audience who would rather listen to what you have to say than read pages and pages of content.

To make your podcast interesting, you can add and mix some background music and relevant sound effects. Sounds, as it happens, have a huge impact on how people perceive and react to your content. It can also affect their purchase intention. So, you need to make sure that every aspect of your podcast is consciously designed to provide an immersive experience to the listener.

In 2020 itself, more than 55% of the US population listened to podcasts and it is bound to grow in the future. So, grab your most popular blog or article and turn it into a podcast but remember to always plan ahead of time.

5. White paper or Research

A white paper or research is similar to an ebook in length but different in terms of the content it holds. A  or research is just as it sounds, filled with important industry-related data, statistics, and other information.

This content format is very effective with B2B clients as compared to ebook. It follows a pretty streamlined format: state the aim of the study or problem, state your method on how you approached the problem (interviews, survey, etc.), and what did you find out, and how would you infer the results.

Since this is a very information-dense content format, it is better to cite your sources so that you have all your statements backed up with facts, statistics, and credible sources.

It takes a lot of research and time to create a white paper but if you are targeting the kind of audience who is educated and looking for quality information more than what they already know, then this format is ideal for your business.

You can incorporate white paper as gated content to increase lead generation. Most people will be interested in providing their information in exchange for quality white paper content.

Other popular content formats

Other content formats are popular among marketers, while we haven’t added them to the main list, we must mention them in this blog. These content formats are:


            Case Studies


            Social media post content



            Email Content

All these content formats have a specific flow that differs from other content formats. For example, what works for blogging may not work for checklists. However, you can use a checklist as an additional element in your blog post.

Hence you need to understand the nature of every format and create content accordingly.


Content, as opposed to a copy, is written to create brand awareness among the consumers. However, that does not mean that you cannot promote your brand at all. As a content marketer, you need to make sure that your brand or business is promoted inexplicitly.

According to your demographics and your buyer persona, you must choose the types of content that will be received well among your audience. Only then will your content marketing strategy will be successful.

Which content formats do you use to target your audience? Are they one of the above or completely different ones? Tell us in the comments section. And be sure to check out our blog for more interesting topics like this.

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