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Sources for Content Ideas for Social Media: How to keep your brand page fresh

Sources for Content Ideas for Social Media: How to keep your brand page fresh

Tejal Surve 21-07-2021

Social media marketing is a constantly evolving space where millions of small and big brands post content to grab their target audience’s attention. And as time goes by, users on social media expect higher and better quality content from the brands. Hence, creating and finding fresh content ideas for social media marketing can be a little daunting for new brands.

Many small and big brands often put a content curation strategy for sharing content on their social media. So, what is this about? Do you simply reshare content that you find on the internet with your followers on social media?

This blog will discuss various sources to find fresh content ideas for your brand’s social media. Keep reading to know more.

Where to find ideas for your social media post content?

While creating social media posts for your brand, coming up with an original idea is a great way to go. However, it often takes too much time and money to execute a well-planned idea that is also high in quality.

Therefore, there are many ways with which you can find ideas and inspiration to create new content or share curated content with your audience on social media.

With that said, there are numerous sources on the internet from where you can find the inspiration for your latest social media posts. Some of the top sources are listed below.


Online forums like Reddit and Quora are some of the best sites to find inspiration for your next blog topic to share on social media. They provide a platform for users to share their questions about different topics and industries.

You will need to create an account on Quora to access the feed however, you can simply type your keyword and Reddit to Google search to find a subreddit related to your industry and niche. For example, if you are a car insurance brand, then type “car insurance reddit” into the Google search bar and you will come across numerous threads and subreddits that discuss car insurance. Apart from this, there are also niche-based forums that only discuss one industry or service. 

In such forums, you find what is trending currently in your niche. People often share memes, links, and videos to these forums and ask the most pressing questions about a topic relating to your industry. You can find a treasure of content ideas for social media marketing of your brand on these platforms.


Scoop.it is a platform that allows you to find and curate content that you can share with your target audience to establish your thought leadership in your industry. You can search for blog articles, posts, and other content to share on various social media websites directly from that platform.

The platform allows you to find high-quality content on the web and curate it so that you can share it on your social media accounts with your followers and audience.


Feedly is yet another platform that allows you to save content that you like from the web. You can save the links to your favorite articles, blogs, and websites from your industry. From there, you can also keep an eye on the content that you like so that you can share it with your social media audience. This works as easy-to-find content ideas for social media platforms.

This is also a great source to share expert articles with your followers. You can track any new updates on your favorite websites, get inspired, and create your latest Facebook or Instagram post.

Social media platforms

Finding content ideas for social media from social media is like content inception. You can find a ton of inspiration on the social media platforms themselves. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, simply search for your niche-related keyword on the platform. You will get many tweets, memes, share-worthy videos, and textual content that you can separate from the others and share on your profile with due credit.

Social media websites like Twitter are a great source to get your daily share of news from your niche. You can get inspired by the content you find on these social media platforms. Or you can share the content you like along with your opinion or thoughts on it.

Similarly, for video content, you can check out Youtube for videos that fall under your niche. You can search for the videos created by the influencers from your niche and share them on your social media accounts with due credit.

Google Alerts

When you log in to your Google account and surf the web for the topics of your interest, you can add your favorite sites to your account to receive alerts and updates from those sources.

Google sends such alerts directly to your email daily or weekly as you may have specified. This gives you the latest news about your niche. From there you can get new content ideas for social media posts, blogs, and similar other content formats.

Similarly, you can also sign up at your favorite websites to receive their newsletter in your email. Many big brands and companies often curate and gather content they like and send it to their subscribers through email. This way, even your email inbox can give you ideas and inspiration to share on your social media.


Where can I find social media content ideas?

Staying updated on what is happening in your industry niche makes you a great social media marketer. Hence, the websites that you regularly visit for news make up a great place to find content ideas for social media.

Apart from that, you can go for:

  • Forums

  • Scoop.it

  • Feedly

  • Social Media Platform

  • Google Alerts

What type of content is best for social media?

Any one content format will eventually bore your audiences and reduce their interaction with your brand. Hence, sharing different forms of content is important to keep your profile fresh. The best way to keep a track of it is to create a social media content strategy that will let you know which type of content is necessary when.

How do I keep social media content fresh?

Repurposing your older content when it is relevant is one way to offer relevant value to your audience in a fresh format. Say if you have a blog on a topic that is gaining momentum, then instead of resharing the blog, you can create an infographic or a video from the same content and share it with your audience on social media.


Managing social media can be a task, especially if you are managing it alone or with only a number of people. Social media content curation is an important step in content marketing that helps you reinstate your authority on the platforms among your audience.

Apart from gathering share-worthy content from the sources we have discussed above, you can also implement social media management software for free. It helps you manage all your social accounts from a single platform. You can create, schedule, and manage your social media posts without hoping tabs on your browser.

Let us know your thoughts on this blog in the comments below and if you liked this blog don’t forget to share. After all, sharing a good blog can also help you with your social media marketing.

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