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Be Closer to Your Customers with WhatsApp Marketing

Be Closer to Your Customers with WhatsApp Marketing

Admin 02-11-2020

For a long time now, businesses have been using social media networking sites to promote and grow their businesses. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn; different small and large businesses have opened their business accounts on these social media platforms.

However, there is one smartphone application that is gaining more attention among businesses. This application is WhatsApp. And rightfully so!

Currently, WhatsApp has a whopping 2 billion users worldwide and its overall engagement rate is higher than of even Facebook. Naturally, it is an ideal platform for businesses to target their consumers.

But, there is a catch!

WhatsApp is not like your regular social media platforms which allow you to promote your product or services without getting blocked by the customers. Neither does it allow advertisements. So then, how would you use WhatsApp for marketing?

WhatsApp has the highest message opening rate, around 98%. It means that if you are to send a message using WhatsApp, there are 98% chances that the receiver will open the chat to view your message.

WhatsApp Business features that can help your business

For small businesses, WhatsApp provides a free business application that can be used to connect with your customers. This application has similar features to that of the regular WhatsApp application plus some more to aid your work.

These features are listed down below:

·       Quick Replies

Even if you are a new business, there are several messages that you may end up sending more frequently than others. The quick replies feature allows you to save them and send them right away to a familiar query.

For example, you can save /1 as “Welcome to John’s Brewery.” And whenever a customer says hi, you can simply type “/1” to select the quick reply assigned to, and send it to your customer.

The best thing is these replies can also include images, videos, and documents along with the text.

·       Away messages

For holidays or for business, if you are unable to respond to your consumers on WhatsApp, then you can simply type an away message that tells them about when they can expect a reply from you.

This way, you can make sure to contact them later to receive their inquiries about your business.

·       Greeting message

This feature allows you to welcome your new customers automatically. You only need to type down a creative welcome message. So then whenever a new customer contacts you, this message will be automatically sent to them.

In these messages, you can use either text, image, video, audio, document, or a combination of different media.

·       Catalog

WhatsApp Business allows you to create a catalog of products or services you offer complete with its details and pricing. For example, if you own a coffee shop, you can put the image and description of different brews in the catalog details like its ingredients and process along with how much it costs.

Your customers can view your catalog from your profile and choose what they want to order.

·       Labels

When you have many customers at different stages of engagement, you can sort them out using labels. These labels allow you to sort out new customers from regular ones, pending deliveries from new orders received, and so on.

By default, WhatsApp provides five labels that you can use or edit. You can also create new labels based on your requirement.

·       Statistics

You can also check out minor stats from using WhatsApp Business. These statistics include how many messages we sent, delivered, and open or read by the customers.

Apart from these features, WhatsApp Business provides all the default features of WhatsApp which includes calling, and broadcast messaging that can be used to give better customer support service and sending out an important notification to your customers.

WhatsApp for Medium to Large Business

Similar to WhatsApp, its Business application also limits your broadcast and group messaging to 256 contacts only.

If your business grows to medium scale or large scale, you must switch to WhatsApp API. It gives you the freedom to serve more customers by integrating it with your systems like CRM or contact center platforms. To simply state, WhatsApp API allows you to do all the things from WhatsApp Business App on a larger scale plus more.

With WhatsApp API, you can send template messages and session messages. Once you create a template message that you want to send to your customers or audience, it goes through a quick approval after which you can send it to as many consumers as you want.

Moreover, you are free to make changes in your template messages according to the customer and their need.

All you need to pay is a standard monthly or yearly subscription to use the WhatsApp API. Apart from that, it does not charge you any set-up fees for the template or session message.

If you are looking to bring your business closer to your consumers, it is time to use WhatsApp to its best potential. Get WhatsApp API and get more from your consumers.


WhatsApp is the best medium to stay in contact with all your customers while also providing them an individual service experience. When you connect to your consumers on WhatsApp, the communication is perceived to be more focused on the singular customer. This increases their engagement with the brand and allows you to provide better customer service.

WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp API provide easy tools that you can use to maintain your relationship with your consumers. WhatsApp API is a user-friendly, cost-effective, fast, and incredibly smart way to take your business on WhatsApp and eventually on your customers’ smartphones.

Do you use WhatsApp for your business? If yes, what features do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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