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Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business: Top things you should know

Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business: Top things you should know

Tejal Surve 28-08-2021

Your business’s content marketing strategy can help you attract your target audience and let you be present when they make a purchase decision. Content marketing is also a significant part of digital marketing for your business. That being said, many businesses still do not have an organized and documented content strategy that they can use for promoting their business.

Content is the part that connects your business’s offerings to your audience’s needs. While advertising and paid promotions can help you reach your audience, content can help you build long-lasting relationships with your audience even before they decide to buy from you.

In this blog, we will look at things that you need to know to build a good content marketing strategy for your business.

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Why is having a content marketing strategy necessary?

Content marketing entails you sharing informational content that is of some value to your target audiences. You can share this content on your website, social media websites, or any other content-sharing platform.

The aim of content marketing is to help your target audience solve their problems while also establishing yourself as an industry leader. Content marketing works on the principle of helping your audience become aware of their problem and suggesting solutions that include their product or service.

Where customers will purchase the product or service when they are ready, the engagement content marketing builds prior to that helps your brand put your business in the forefront when they do decide to purchase.

This means that if they have been reading about school management software on your blog when they choose to purchase that software, your brand will come first to their mind and they might end up purchasing it from you.

What are the different types of content in content marketing?

Using different types of content to promote your business ensures that your content reaches a wider audience across different platforms. It allows people to access your content the way they want.

Content can be uploaded on the internet in the form of text, audio, video, images, infographics, and similar other formats. This is especially helpful when you want to share your content on a website that favors any one form of content. For example, if you want to reach out to your audience on YouTube, then sharing a video is a better option than posting a large chunk of text (that is if you have more than 1000 subscribers).

That being said, the most popular content format is that of blogs that you may add to your business’s website. It is also the type of content that you can optimize to bring your website higher on the search engine results pages.

Most content marketers take blogs as their base content format and repurpose it into other content formats.

However, creating content is not enough, marketing and promoting it so that it reaches more people is also necessary. And hence, a documented content marketing strategy is important for your business.

With that said, let’s see what are the things that you need to take care of while creating a content marketing strategy for your business.

Document your keywords

When you research your keywords for creating content, make sure that you document them in a sheet so that you can later add them to your content. Without writing them down, you may end up reaching for keywords in the dark while sitting to draft your blog.

Make sure that you target different keywords with your blogs so that you don’t confuse the search engine over which content to give priority.

Also, make sure that you find other keywords that are related to your focus keyword so that the search engine understands your context. This may seem small, but it is very important as one keyword can have multiple contexts.

You can find related keywords by simply typing down your focus keyword in the Google search bar. It shows you related searches in the suggestions, related searches, and people also ask sections. Apart from that, you can make use of tools like Answer the Public to find the most searched queries revolving around your focus keyword.

Create a blueprint of your content

Once you do the research around your topic, don’t dive straight into the draft-making process. First, create a layout of all topics you plan on including in your blog content. This may include the subtopics, figures, images, statistics, quotes, and every other small detail that you plan to add to your blog.

Making a blueprint of every blog helps you curate the information that you want to add to your blog and decide the flow of that information so that it makes sense overall.

Contrariwise, if you do not create the blog layout before creating the first draft, you risk forgetting to add important information that you first planned on adding while you researched the topic.

Make sure that you have a consistent content flow in every blog that you make, from introduction to H1 headings, H2 headings, to even the conclusion (or any other flow that you have decided). This ensures that the crawler can go through your content with relative ease.

Make someone else read your draft

While creating a draft, mistakes are inevitable. You may take every precaution to ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes, the sentence structure, and your motive to create the content can be further optimized.

For this reason, making someone else read your draft allows you to know a different perspective and how it can be made more easier to understand.

You can give this task to an editor from your team so that they can suggest reader optimization ideas from a different perspective. That way your finished content would be more effective in terms of getting your message across to your audiences.

Always schedule your posts

It may seem tempting to upload your content as soon as you finish writing it, and while it is the right thing to do when you are just starting, you need to ensure that you follow a correct uploading schedule. You also need to ensure that you have the resources to create quality content in that amount of time.

Set a schedule of when you are to upload a blog on your website. It could be once or twice a week. Make sure that you have enough time to research the topic and create a quality draft that contains the right amount of keywords at the right places, along with the links that will direct your reader to just the right content based on the anchor text.

Keeping your uploading schedule too tight can affect your content quality. However, if you do have multiple writers who can create quality content, you can manage to upload one or more blogs in a day.

Having an upload schedule also allows your readers and audience to know when to check your blog for the latest information. Consistency is key when it comes to having a robust content marketing strategy for your business.

Share and repurpose your created content

You may normally share your blog content on social media sites right after it is uploaded. Along with that, you can also send this to your email list subscribers. The more you share your content, the more people will read it.

You can also send it to influencers from your industry whom you think may like it or people that you have mentioned in your blog. While most of them may not check, others may read and share your content.

Another way to ensure that your content reaches maximum people is to repurpose it into different content formats. For example, you cannot share your whole blog on YouTube so you can repurpose your blog into a video and upload it on the platform with a link to your original blog in the description.


What is a good content strategy?

A well-developed content marketing strategy is measurable. You need to ensure that you have your key performance indicators (KPIs) noted. That will tell you where you need to focus your content. Depending upon your KPI, you can create a content strategy that aims to improve those metrics within the time you set.

What is an SEO content strategy?

An SEO content strategy is a plan you make to create content that can boost your website SEO through on-page SEO techniques.


Having a content marketing strategy is not enough. If you want to make sure that it stays consistent through the years, you need to document it well. It helps your team members to replicate your efforts if you are not present or if you assign that role to someone new.

If you are unsure of where to start, you can ask a digital marketing firm to do it for you. That way, you can focus on what you do the best while professionals take care of your business’s content marketing.

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