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Should You Use Telegram to Replace Other Smart Messaging Applications?

Admin 26-03-2021

When it comes to using messaging or any other kind of application that stores user data, people tend to choose the one that gives maximum features while storing minimal of their personal informatio ...

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Top 5 Ways Chatbots Will Help You Increase Revenue Generation

Admin 02-12-2020

Have you ever went on a website and enquired about their product or service from the small chat button place in one ...

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How WhatsApp Marketing will be Useful for Hospitality Business

Admin 07-11-2020

When was the last time you went on a vacation? If the current situation is anything to go by, it must have been a long time before. However, many people are planning to go on a l ...

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WhatsApp Marketing API for Educational Sector: What are its benefits?

Admin 03-11-2020

In the past few years, there is one question one will definitely ask if they want to connect with you, personally or professionally, “Is this your WhatsApp number.” We bet a ...

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